How has lockdown living impacted your confidence?

Photography by Carly Michael Shoots, taken at a Lucky Things Meet Up at the Folly, Central London n 2019.

Who would have thought 2020 would have turned out like this? We are ALL living amidst a global pandemic. Everyone has been and still is affected in one way or another. We are all busy adapting to changes, big and small. So no wonder, the lockdown year of 2020 has impacted our confidence levels. Read on for some tips of looking after your confidence in an uncertain year.

At the start of 2020, confidence to me meant planning, launching and moving forward with my business. As we heard the news increase about COVID-19 and how it was impacting different countries, I soon realised this was going to impact us big time and in so many ways.

Since 2015, the Lucky Things online and events space has always been about looking after our confidence, career and wellbeing. During the lockdown part of 2020, I’ve had numerous coaching conversations with people about how the pandemic has impacted our confidence.

  1. Our confidence in leading or running our homes has been impacted with the sudden change in who is at home, whether this be your children, siblings, flatmates, partner or other household members. We have had to adjust to a new way of home life. So the confidence trick here is to be kind to yourself if you’re unable to organise your home life how you used to.
  2. Our confidence in how we work has been impacted by the new way of working if you’re in a role or industry where you are able to work from home. There are still so many professional roles out there which need to be delivered on-site, at the office or outdoors in our communities. With this aspect, your confidence trick is to work out how you can be productive when working home. You can also check out my latest article on LinkedIn on How to Stay Productive at Home (published at the start of lockdown living in March 2020).

    Being socially confident in a pandemic takes extra planning and we may feel different levels of confidence when it comes to being in social situations at the moment.

  3. Our confidence in our social life has been impacted as we constantly need to re-think how we interact with people we want or need to spend time with. Being socially confident in a pandemic takes extra planning and we may feel different levels of confidence when it comes to being in social situations at the moment.

Thanks for reading. What are you going to do this week to look after YOUR confidence? Leave a comment below if you have a free mo.

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