I provide tailored coaching sessions through my HR consultancy Collective Insight. Get in touch if you’d like to hear more about how coaching can help you with your confidence, career, business or everyday aspirations.

Through coaching, I have helped others in creative and corporate professions to take positive steps to grow their confidence, gain career focus and increase their productivity. With over 15 years’ experience in senior corporate HR roles, I’ve had amazing opportunities to work with a range of clients.

At the very start of my HR career I was lucky to have been coached myself. Since then, coaching has played a big part in my confidence and diverse career success over the years.


  • Taking control of self-doubt
  • Re-energising your confidence
  • Using your strengths and talents
  • Managing comparison culture
  • Feeling confident about networking
  • Saying ‘no’ in the best way
  • Dealing with change

Career focus

  • Understanding your career options
  • Feeling confident about returning to work
  • Managing your flexible working request
  • Dealing with career changes
  • Moving from employed to self-employed
  • Feeling confident for a promotion
  • Managing your job applications
  • Interview confidence
  • Managing teams
  • Communicating with confidence in meetings


    • Getting organised
    • Being focused on your priorities
    • Starting your business
    • Building your marketing strategy
    • Building your blog
    • Developing and working with your social media strategy


If you’re interested in working on any of the above, drop me a line for a free consultation catch up.

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