Top tips on how to stay calm and manage everyday anxiety

Lots of people describe me as a calm person. It’s a word that comes up time and time again. I find it interesting that people call me calm; those who don’t know me that well along with those who have known me for years. On the outside I probably seem quite calm but just like a swan I’m busy paddling quickly underneath. I guess going through different things have given me a perspective on what I really need to worry or panic about. So as we’re all different, how else is it possible to stay calm? Here’s some top tips on keeping your cool and managing everyday anxieties…

Know yourself…Each of us can feel calmness but at different levels. We also stay calm in different situations. What encourages some one to stay calm but cause another to panic or worry. So know yourself and think about what triggers your calmness or your worries? Also recognise your signs when you start to panic. Is it your heart beating faster? Do you speak faster? Do you get anxiety butterflies in your tummy? Knowing these signs will help you to respond to any panicky moments. It will also help you to prepare for any moments when you know you won’t be feeling calm.

Pause…Sometimes it might feel like we don’t have time to pause. We might be busy juggling work, studies, home life and other things. It only takes a few moments to stop and pause. Taking a short break in your thinking can help you retain a bit of calmness instead of making your brain work overtime. If you need help to pause, try it a bit of practical mindfulness. This isn’t about sitting on loads of cushions in a quiet room away from everyone. Pausing through mindfulness can be practised on the move too. Check out the Transitional Pause developed for busy people (designed by Dr Tamara Russell). Lots of us practiced this at the Lucky Things Meet Up in January. It helps your brain and energy ready for the next space, activity or task.

Find your calm inspiration…Is there anyone you can look up to who seems to stay calm? Is there someone who never loses their cool? How do they approach situations where they need to remain calm and just carry on. Ask them about how they keep their cool. Listen to their experiences and tricks for injecting calmness into their busy lives.

Have your uncalm moment and get it over and done with…There will be times where we can’t control how we initially feel about a situation. You may not be able to be calm and just carry on. So acknowledge how you feel and think about how you’d like to feel. Then do your best to move on so you don’t waste previous energy on negative feelings. Don’t forget to remind yourself it’s going to be OK. Even say these words out loud if you need to. When my little family went through ups and downs last year I kept saying this out loud. I think it reassured me that I can get through the tough moments.

Speak to someone about your everyday worries or anxieties…Staying calm takes practice. In a way it’s a skill. There are lots of things that I may feel calm about like technical hitches at an event. However there are things I don’t always feel calm about, like the fear of my children hurting themselves. Find someone you trust to offload your worries so you can also come up with some ideas on how to stay calm the next time you’re faced with a hectic situation. I often discuss things that make me worry with trusted family members and close friends. When you speak to someone about your uncalm moments, you can also gain perspective on whether you need to worry as much about something similar in the future.

Find your calm tools…There are some tricks to help you stay calm or respond in a calmer way. It might be a motto you pop up on a post it on your mirror. It might be a special thing you wear to remind you of calmness (you assign calmness meaning to your watch, ring or necklace). I learnt this from a career coach years ago. If I started to feel nervous or anxious during interviews, I could just touch my watch as it reminded me everything is going to be OK. It may sound like a trivial approach but it helps to start training our brain into more positive thought patterns. Find other calm prompts. I’ve found loads in the book The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim.

What do you do when you need to feel calmer? Have you any tricks to share? How else can we manage everyday anxieties? Leave a comment below as we’d love to hear what you think too.

Thanks to Sarah at @the_mama_works for introducing me to Haemin Sunim’s book. Sarah is speaking at the London Lucky Things Meet Up on 14 October 2017 in London. Tickets have now sold out for this event, but please get in touch if you’d like to go on the wait list or if you’d like to hear about the extra date for London in November.

Seven things I learnt from April’s Lucky Things Meet Up in London – Feeling confident in your own style

I love how every Lucky Things Meet Up is different. Whether it’s down to the talk or who’s there, I always take away some top tips and memorable moments. At April’s Lucky Things Meet Up at The Folly in London the panel talked about Feeling confident in your own style. I was joined by Alison Perry, from Not Another Mummy Blog, and fashion stylist Susan Alcindor. We shared everyday style tricks and everyone came up with our own “style intentions” for the next month. So here’s seven things I learnt from this Lucky Things Meet Up.

We all have our own style so this means we have style in the first place!…This was one of my first confidence tips I mentioned. Style is a very personal thing. We all have different tastes and even if we buy the same clothes online we wear them our way. Looking out at the crowd at the Lucky Things Meet Up is always pretty inspiring. I ended up reminding myself that I need to be proud about my own style and my choice of outfit (regardless of what others think).

Find a style that works for your lifestyle…Alison chatted about finding your own style and how this has to work with your lifestyle. For example, are you always running around the kids or out and about on your feet a lot? Alison also suggested finding people who’s style you relate to as sources of inspiration and if they’re on Instagram, style stalk them.

Just wear it…Nike say Just do it. I say Just wear it. Sometimes you need to try wearing something instead of just trying it on. So, I did that on Saturday. For years I’ve been looking for a long red dress. The last time I wore a long red one was at my wedding. So when I went along to the Next press day in February I spotted a flash of red and there it was –  a long red maxi dress. The fabric wasn’t too heavy and it wasn’t too beachy. The dress came out as part of Next’s new collection last week – just in time for the Lucky Things Meet Up. Red is a lucky colour for me and it gives me confidence. The dress felt super comfortable and so it made sense to wear it at the event. I teamed it up with flat sandals and an old denim jacket to make it feel more casual. So I learnt that I should just wear things I want to and just wear it.

Hang clothes up on the outside of your wardrobe? Susan shared a great tip. When I asked her to share advice on what to do with items we have lurking around our wardrobe and we never get to wear them, she said just hang the item or outfit on your wardrobe door. Then you can see it properly and make a proper decision whether you like it or what it goes with. Alison added that if you’re really baffled by the outfit, it’s time to just say bye and eBay or take it to the charity shop.

Get your clothes adjusted or tailored…This top tip was mentioned by Emma @emma_says and it’s some advice she first heard from her trusty stylist friend Emma Carr @thefashioncraver. Someone asked the panel about where to find the right jeans for them when they aren’t a typical shape. Emma explained how Emma Carr suggested getting jeans (and other clothes adjusted). I used to do this lots when I bought vintage clothes or when my favourite coats were suddenly not the right size. It was great to hear this advice.

What’s a furry slider again?!…One of the crowd asked a great question – what fashion trend are the panel not particularly keen on. We talked about furry sliders and to be honest I wasn’t sure what they were. It was hilarious (in a friendly way) as we soon realised one of the lovely guests is really into her pink fluffy furry sliders (slipper like shoes – although I then got told off for calling them slippers!). This reminded me again that we all like different things. Just because a trend isn’t someone else’s cup of tea it doesn’t mean we can’t make it work.

Going along to events can feel nerve-wracking…Lots of people at the April Lucky Things Meet Up hadn’t been to one before. As I’m in touch with most of the attendees before each event, I learnt that people naturally feel anxious about walking through the door on your own at an event. Even if you know some familiar faces might be there, everyone feels a bit nervous. So it’s good to acknowledge this as it’s a pretty normal feeling. Having chatted to those who were new to the Lucky Things Meet Ups during the afternoon it was super cool to hear how they found the event. Many said how they were happy to be there and didn’t have those arrival worries any more. Everyone was busy chatting away, sharing a few laughs or enjoying being around a down-to-earth crowd.

Thanks again to Alison and Susan for being on the panel at this Lucky Things Meet Up. A huge thank you to everyone who came along or supported from afar. The April Lucky Things Meet Up in Pictures round-up will be out on the blog this week. In the meantime, pop over to #luckythingsmeetup to see coverage on Instagram.

If you’d like to come to a Lucky Things Meet Up, check out the Events hub on The Lucky Things Meet Ups are social and networking events for women around the UK. Events are taking place in London, Bristol (25 June 2017), Manchester (15 July 2017) and Brighton (TBA). Tickets are now available for the Lucky Things Meet Up on Saturday 14 October 2017 –  more info can be found here. 

Introducing the IVF Journey Series – Suzy’s IVF journey 

The timing to launch the IVF Journeys series on Lucky Things has never felt so right. This month we celebrated our first baby’s 4th birthday. Every day we’re celebrating our IVF little lady. Every day I see the scars on my tummy from my IVF injections. Everyone’s fertility or IVF journey is completely different. So, I’m honoured that I’m able to feature others’ experiences in the hope of raising awareness of what women and men go through or just the support available.

I wished I read more about others’ IVF success stories when we first found out I couldn’t have children naturally. If I did, they many have given me more hope. I think they also would have made me feel less embarrassed about doing IVF as it’s way more common that you realise.

So I’m very happy to introduce Suzy’s story. She writes the blog Our Bucket List Lives, lives in Lincolnshire with her husband and their little miracle boy. Suzy is currently a house wife. She recently started a blog based around their family bucket list and she’s hoping it will evolve into something where she can call herself ‘self employed’. Over to Suzy… Continue reading

January’s Lucky Things Meet Up in Pictures

How has April come around so quickly? This week, I’ve been getting ready for April’s Lucky Things Meet Up in London. What are the Lucky Things Meet Ups about again? Read about why I love organising these events over here. The previous London event was held back in January, which feels like ages away now. We talked mindfulness tricks with Dr. Tamara Russell and chatted about looking out for ourselves. Here’s what we got up to in pictures.

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You can also check out the video from January’s Lucky Things Meet Up, filmed and produced by Sian @thevideomama.

Thanks again to everyone who comes along to the Lucky Things Meet Ups. It’s great they’re known as down-to-earth networking events for women. The April and July Lucky Things Meet Ups in London are sell-outs. The next date for London is Saturday 14 October and tickets will be available on from 10am on Sunday 23 April.

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Dealing with the primary school application results

Lucky Things is all about looking after ourselves. If you’re a parent it’s also important to look after our parenthood wellbeing; how we deal with life situations, changes and decisions that impact our us and children.
Across the UK, many parents and carers will be finding out which primary school will be selected for their child. It’s something parents and carers have spent ages thinking over. It’s a minefield when every school is so different. It has turned out to be an emotional and anxious process for many. What order should we put schools in? What statistics might help us work out what’s going to happen? What will help us have a better chance of getting the school we want? Should we go for distance or the feel of the school?  Online school applications were submitted in January. The wait has felt long at times but later today we receive the news online. Everyone’s reactions will be different. As it’s something we have no influence over, here are some tips on dealing with the primary school application results (and especially if you’d hoped for another result).

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How to stop comparing yourself to others and dealing with comparison culture

Comparing yourself to others is an everyday thing. It’s what I also call comparison culture. Some people spend a few moments; some people spend heaps of time doing this. For some, it feels manageable as they’re just fleeting thoughts. For others, it can feel exhausting or even bring on anxieties. As we talk a lot about looking after your confidence and wellbeing on Lucky Things, it’s important to talk about how we can stop comparing ourselves to others. Continue reading

Top tips on finding your style identity – guest post by Tee from Tee-Clutter

I’m a big believer that we can all wear confidence, but this is also about finding clothes that make us feel comfortable and happy. I first came across Tee from @teeclutter on Instagram last Summer. Her Instagram feed is always full of changing room outfits. Her style is simple and she loves celebrating everyday wardrobe gems on her blog We then met at the first Lucky Things Meeting Up last year.

Sometimes, Instagram fashion can feel a bit overwhelming and I used to worry that it would be all about expensive designer clothes. I was wrong. Tee was one of the Instagram Style experts who reminded me that high street and supermarket fashion can be just as chic. Remember the F&F leopard print coat I wore heaps over the past few months? I first spotted it on Tee’s Instacorner and it was a chance to make good use of my Clubcard vouchers. As the Lucky Things Meet Up in April is all about style and confidence, I asked Tee to share some her tips too. Over to Tee… Continue reading

Inspire interview with photographer and stay at home dad Ariel Majtas

The Lucky Things Inspire series kicks off your week with a bit of inspiration. As Lucky Things blog chats about feeling confident (not always easy), wellbeing and career it’s great hearing from a mix of people. I’m hearing more stories of mums and dads making career moves to support their families in different way. A work-life balance is becoming more and more important for my generation. I first heard about Ariel through his wife Christelle who is the founder of (check out the clever monthly subscription boxes for mums). We were chatting about her Instapost on her husband changing his career to take on the full-time childcare for their daughter.  Here’s what Ariel had to say about blurred photos, patience and working flexibly.

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Why I love organising the Lucky Things Meet Ups

This year, the Lucky Things Meet Ups are going national. I’m not usually a numbers girl but there are five planned across the country over the coming months and another five lined up for Autumn time. Organising events, however big or small, is hard work. When I look at the 2017 Lucky Things Meet Up schedule, I never doubt why I organise them. So why do I love organising the Lucky Things Meet Ups?img_3916

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Seven things we love about the new Clarks Kids range 

Who doesn’t love shoes? Even Toddler Munch was excited to wear her new gold trainers last week. Shoes say a lot about our lifestyle and our style. Big Munch is nearly four and she’s pretty strong-minded about what she wears. You can guarantee if we go shoe shopping together she will chose something pink. I still don’t get why girls love pink so much but I’ve accepted this is her style. I love going shoe shopping with the girls. Sometimes my Mum comes too so it’s become a little tradition and we often pop to our local Clarks store on the high street.fullsizeoutput_30e1

This week me and Toddler Munch checked out the new Autumn/Winter range for Clarks Kids. Here’s seven things I loved about their new range… Continue reading