Top tips on boosting your creative confidence

Some people feel people are born with a creative streak; you either have it or you don’t. I believe we can all be creative, whether it’s what we’re making, building, planning or thinking.  Read on for three bite size tips on boosting your creative confidence.

1. Start small…When we want to test out our creativity we can worry about making big mistakes. So start with small ideas to build up your creative confidence. Have a go at trying out an idea or making something. Things don’t have to be right first time. Creativity allows us to embrace imperfections and learning along the way. Creative confidence is also about exploring and working out how to do something (and in your own way). If you’re unsure about something you’re working on, pull together a mini version so you can get some initial feedback from some trusted friends. Creative confidence comes in many shapes and sizes. So does your creative success.

2. Remember WHY you’re being creative…Is it important to be creative because you’re working on an idea, building your business, want to have some fun or solving a problem? Don’t forget to think about why you’re being creative? Also, are you doing this for someone else, your potential customers or maybe it’s good for your own wellbeing? Coming back to why we do or need to do something helps us to stay focused on being creative rather than letting and self-doubt sneak in. If it helps, write down three reasons why it’s important for you to be creative.
3. Everybody has to grow their creative confidence from something…I reckon even Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock had to try out different ideas before finding their creative groove. It’s about practice with a pinch of trial and error. So give yourself a break if your creative confidence is low or feels a bit slow. If it is, think about what has inspired your creative confidence in the past? Did you need to research some inspiration first? Was it seeing the finished product or feeling pleased with your work? Does your creative confidence feel stronger if you’ve received positive feedback on an idea or a piece of creative work? Feeling creatively confident is also about singing your own praises (even if it’s in your own head initially). It’s important you also feel proud of your creative attempts or creative achievements.
What are your top tips for boosting your creative confidence? Let me know and leave a quick comment below. 
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