Why it’s good to stay in your lane

Keep staying in your lane

These are the words business owner Yvonne Telford  from kemitelford.com said to me over the phone last year. I asked her for some advice and these words have really stuck with me. These words influenced the focus for my business. They helped me to make a big decision for my career last Autumn. So what does staying in your lane mean and why is it good to stay in your lane?


1. Having confidence in your plans

Whatever your ideas, career wishes or home projects it’s important to feel confident about what your doing. Think about what feeds your own confidence. In her tune ‘Til it’s done, Paloma Faith sings “it’s good to follow your own road”.


2. Staying true to what you’re about

With social media influencing how we feel about ourselves, it’s good to remind yourself about the values that are important to you. Just pick three. You don’t need to have loads. I’ve done a lot of values work with organisations and coaching clients over the years. We talk about the core values that need to be reflected in their work, businesses or everyday life.

Photo by @kellyreevesphotography taken at the Lucky Things event in March 2018


3. Don’t watch what others are doing too much

What I call comparison culture can be a big distraction. Everyone is following their own plan so remember to stay in your own lane. If you find yourself questioning whether you should be doing something similar to someone else always check if their lane is really what you want or where you need to be.  It’s good to pause to check you’re in the lane you wish to be or that’s right for you.


4. Everyone has their own struggles

Just because someone’s else success looks easier remember nobody reached where they are without working hard at something. Don’t feel that someone else’s lane is more straightforward. There business may look easy but this doesn’t mean everything is easy for them. Everyone’s experience will include some curves, diversions, pit stops or U-turns.


5. Keep coming back to why you’re doing this

When we remind ourselves why we’re motivated to do something it’s gives us more focus. It also gives our plans purpose. Ask yourself why you’re doing this again? What are the benefits of your plans? What will they bring you or others? What are your ultimate intentions with your plans? Answering these questions will help you understand your why and help you to stay in your lane.
So, what does staying in your lane mean to you? I’d love to know.

Yvonne @kemitelford is speaking at the Lucky Things Meet Up on Saturday 19 May 2018 in Central London. It’s bound to be another inspirational event just for women – Yvonne rocked the house at the Lucky Things Meet Up last September!

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