Top tips to deal with imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome is all about doubting your own skills, strengths and talents. You can even make yourself believe that you’re not good enough as others. You may feel like a fraud when you’re trying to hustle through your work, business or other priorities. So here’s some tips to deal with imposter syndrome.

It’s an everyday thing…Imposter syndrome can pop in our heads on an everyday level, whether we’re working for companies, freelancers, looking after our families, running our own businesses or leading our households. It affects our career, our confidence and our wellbeing. So be aware of it so you can gradually train your brain to ignore it. Imposter syndrome can really slow down your confidence.

You’re better than you think you are… We’re our own worst critics. We know our faults inside out. So those feelings cloud our confidence. We dampen our own strengths and achievements. So remember what makes you great – it could be small things too.

You never see the full picture of someone else’s success…It’s easy to assume others are the real experts. Really successful people may not always share their failures. So, we will never know exactly what they’ve been through to get where they are. We may not know what hard work has gone on behind the scenes to make them a perceived expert. We have no idea how much time and energy they’ve invested in their learning and experience to get where they are. You can learn more tricks on dealing with what I call comparison culture here.

Start using your skills... If you feel you aren’t a true expert, just start using the skills you have. To become better we need to do more. Being a thinker is fine but being a doer will remind you more of why you’re an expert too. That’s what I love about coaching people through their careers and pursuits. It’s about helping others to use their existing talents and figuring out a way forward. Don’t forget to list all of your future skills. We all have a different combination of things that make us great.

Learn from others…If you feel you aren’t a true expert, what is it that you admire in others? What is it that makes them an expert? What can you learn from them? How can you learn from them? Can you drop them a line to pick their brains for 10 minutes?

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Talking on BBC Radio about entertaining kids over the summer holidays

On 24 July I was invited back to BBC Radio. This time to talk about entertaining the kids during the summer holidays. Together with BBC Radio host Tulip Mazumdar and bloggers Nilly Dahlia and Daddy Daze UK, we shared tips on what to do with kids come rain or shine.  For me, it’s also about looking after yourself as a grown-up during the summer holidays – we need to be entertained too! The below tricks can also help you to feel more confident about what you can do together and what’s manageable.  Continue reading

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Talking about Design, Confidence and Wellbeing – a collaboration with home interiors brand

Design is everywhere. It’s in our everyday spaces inside and outside the home. I was invited to talk about Design, Confidence and Wellbeing at the home interiors store Neptune in Wimbledon, London.  I wanted to share the highlights from my talk as well as the evening with guests from a range of backgrounds including interior design, fashion and lifestyle blogging. So why a talk on design, confidence and wellbeing and what’s the link between all three?

Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe; the practical with the desirable”.

Continue reading

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Things that might help when you’re not feeling great

Looking after yourself isn’t always easy. We’re busy juggling a hundred and one things. Our days and weeks might fly by and there are never enough hours in the day. Lucky Things is a big champion of looking after your own wellbeing. Life can be full of ups and downs, big ones and small ones. There are so many things which impact our wellbeing, from change, guilt or everyday anxiety – the list goes on.  So here’s a few things you can try out if you’re not feeling great. Continue reading

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Can we make our own luck? 

Well as my blog is called Lucky Things so it’s only right that I talk about luck and being lucky. As different opportunities have come up for me over the past year I’ve felt lucky. When we see everyone’s world (or part of their world) on social media, people come across as really lucky – they’ve just bought a new outfit, they’re on holiday, they’re doing something exciting, the list goes on. But is everything down to pure luck or can can we make our own luck? Continue reading

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Why hearing others’ fertility and IVF journeys still brings me tears

Hearing others’ fertility and IVF journeys is becoming a regular thing for me now. Probably because I’m now pretty open about our own journey. People may think “But Sunita, you now have two wonderful daughters, so why feel upset about doing IVF?”. The feelings are like scars; they’re with me forever. Although we’re blessed to have two of our own IVF miracles, why does hearing others’ fertility and IVF journeys still brings me tears?

Mumsnet has invited me to be interviewed alongside celebrity Izzy Judd (wife of Harry Judd from McFly). You can see or listen to our Facebook Live from 12pm-12.30pm on Wednesday 28 June 2017. You just need to like the Mumsnet FB page to join us.  We’ll be chatting about our journeys to motherhood and the amazing blogger Kiran Chug from Mummy Says is compering our honest discussion. I know when I hear Izzy’s story face-to-face I’m going to remember how IVF felt for us too. I know there may be tears inside and out. Continue reading

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Top tips on accepting compliments 

Compliments. You either love them or shy away from them. Or maybe just don’t know what to do with them when they pop up. They could be rare offerings or maybe you’re bombarded with them. One thing I know is that it’s taken me a while to welcome compliments and fully accept them. So here’s some tips on how to accept compliments. Continue reading

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Will my daughters wonder why they look different to their mummy?

I know kids are never going to be spitting images of their parents (well some are). For some reason, I always imagined our kids to be mini-mes. As my daughters are mixed-raced, I wonder if they will think about why we all look so different as a little family? Daddy is English-Brummy and Mummy’s family is from Mauritius. It’s an easy explanation but will our daughters get it?  So will my daughters question why they look different to mummy or the other way around? Continue reading

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