Can we make our own luck? 

Well as my blog is called Lucky Things so it’s only right that I talk about luck and being lucky. As different opportunities have come up for me over the past year I’ve felt lucky. When we see everyone’s world (or part of their world) on social media, people come across as really lucky – they’ve just bought a new outfit, they’re on holiday, they’re doing something exciting, the list goes on. But is everything down to pure luck or can can we make our own luck?

What does feeling lucky mean to you? Let’s rewind, this is where I think we need to start. I’m not sure if I put everything down to luck. So what does feeling lucky mean to me? Feeling lucky is about being grateful for the positive things we have in our life. As you may know, I don’t believe life is ever straightforward. I’m an optimist and a realist at the same time. Does lucky mean that positive things happen when you don’t expect them to? Or maybe there’s a slim chance of something great happening? So what does feeling lucky mean to you?

Everything happens for a reason? I’m not sure if there’s  fairy sprinkling lucky dust over me in my sleep. When it comes to the career side of things, I’m a strong believer that certain things were supposed to happen and lots of things happen for a reason. Maybe it’s my mantra to get me through the tricker times. Change is inevitable and so we need to learn to work with it. Lots of things have happened, where I don’t always feeling lucky at the time, but they make me who I am today.
Nothing happens overnight…Luck is about good stuff happening to us right? This also takes time. There are grey moments during our parenting, careers or businesses when there isn’t progress. Time can feel very slow until your next “boost of luck” appears. If everything we wanted to achieve was readily available there is lots we wouldn’t experience about the journey or where we’ve ended up.
Working hard to generate your own luck…If you want success you have to work hard for it. When I hear different people share their stories and they talk about success, many people remind us that nothing is handed to you on a plate. I’ve also learnt this from my mum. I think it’s pretty rare that achievements happen quickly or appear out of the blue. When good things happen we don’t always give ourselves credit for our hard work behind the scenes. If we receive some positive praise at work or win a new client for our business do we feel that it was down to luck? I’m not so sure. So take the time to think about all of your hard work.
Talking about what you do…This can be a tough one. It’s rare that we want to be constantly talking about what we’re doing. When I talked about how it feels to be a finalist for the  BritMums #BiBs2017 Brilliance in Blogging Inspire award, I had to give myself a break and not put it down to pure luck. I’ve worked hard on my blog over the last year. Maybe it’s doing what it says on the tin – sharing everyday inspiration to help others feel a bit more confident?

I ended up being a Runner-Up for the Top London Mummy Blogger award. On this blog post I shared my different apprehensions. I realised that being a finalist isn’t down to my luck. My blog didn’t just appear and it doesn’t just look after itself. I have talked about my blog more as it’s an important part of me and my career. It has encouraged me to explore different opportunities. Behind the scenes I’ve also had to challenge my self-conscious limitations. Maybe challenging myself more has led to opportunities which feel like bursts of luck.
Helping others to create their own luck…As a HR expert and coach I guess I love it when people figure out where they want to feel more lucky and how they’re going to get there. Where do they want to go with their ambitions and wishes? What do they want to work towards? Creating your own luck takes a real mix of skills.  The Lucky Things Meet Ups and Lucky Things Locals are all about bringing people together and yes, I’m on a mission with all of them – to help women across the UK (and beyond) feel more confident about their career and wellbeing. I  feel really lucky I get to to hang out with other like-minded women in London, Manchester and Bristol over the past month. I’m hoping some extra confidence here and there will help others to make their own luck too.

Over to you, what does feeling lucky mean to you? Do you think we can create our own luck? Leave a comment below. Enjoy Lucky Things….x Sunita

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