How it feels to be an Inspire #BiBs Finalist for the BritMums 2017 Brilliance in Blogging Awards

I’m still feeling shocked about being a finalist for the BritMums 2017 Brilliance in Blogging  Awards.  They’re a huge thing in the blogging community. Even more wonderful as I’m a finalist for the Inspire category. When I went along to the BritMums conference this time last year I certainly didn’t expect to be up for one of the awards. It still feels strange being called inspiring but here’s why I’m happy Lucky Things is doing what it aimed to do.

What’s Lucky Things all about? It’s all about inspiring you to connect confidence with your career and wellbeing. We’re all busy whether it’s as a parent, professional, creative, CEO of our household, blogger. business-owner or expert juggler of everyday stuff. I guess I want others to feel better about what they’re doing, how they are or what they’d love to do despite the curve balls life throws at us.

Helping others to feel more confident…Over the past year Lucky Things has been on a mini mission to help lots of people to feel more confident. Honest feedback is important to me and hearing how Lucky Things has helped people in different ways has felt inspiring –  like giving them a bit of hope as they deal with the low times, finally wearing  the new dress that makes them feel good, making a healthy career decision, juggling Mum guilt, dealing with FOMO, setting up their own blog, feeling OK about their parenting or fertility journey. Some have said they like looking at Lucky Things as it gives them a  quick positive pick me up during their week.

Working through life’s ups and downs…I don’t think life is supposed to be perfect. I started working on Lucky Things Blog when I had post-natal depression. At first I didn’t feel comfortable talking about the difficult things in life. I’m glad I started to talk more about PND, infertility, IVF, mental wellbeing (for women and men) and juggling everyday self-doubt on Lucky Things Blog. I’ve realised that it’s important to share our own stories to offer a bit of support to others.  It’s also about sharing practical tips and tricks so others can get on with everyday life despite the challenges (maybe it’s the HR bod in me). I love it that my Instagram home is known for inspiration-boosting quotes.

If you like what Lucky Things is all about, I’d of course love your vote when you have a free mo – it just takes a minute (voting ends on Sunday 2 July).

You can quickly vote by popping over to this link here.

Experiencing Lucky Things offline…People also get to experience Lucky Things blog in real life through my friendly and supportive networking events the Lucky Things Meet Ups across the UK. When I hear how others have overcome their anxiety of going to events or networking, it’s a lovely feeling. It gives them confidence to do other things too. I know exactly how they feel when it comes to moving outside of their comfort zone.


Inspiring? To be honest, I’m still getting used to being called inspiring amongst the online and offline community. Usually I’m busy promoting others who inspire me on the blog, but I’m glad Lucky Things is inspiring others on an everyday level and really does what it says on the tin. There are people out there who are doing incredible things to help others. I’m not changing the world so it still feels a bit odd being called an inspiration.

Thanks again everyone…How fab to be alongside so many incredible bloggers for the Inspire category this year. I know these opportunities for recognition don’t come up often.  I know a few people nominated me for the Inspire award and even shared their nomination words with me (they blew me away!). How will I feel if I don’t win the actual award? It sounds cheesy but it really is about the journey and the nice things that have happened along the way. It will be good to know I was a #BiBs Inspire Finalist in 2017 and how Lucky Things offers others little bursts of inspiration and confidence.

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6 thoughts on “How it feels to be an Inspire #BiBs Finalist for the BritMums 2017 Brilliance in Blogging Awards

  1. Briony says:

    I was so excited to see you on the finalists list. Massive congratulations, it’s well deserved. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you #coolmumclub

    • Sunita says:

      Oh wow Briony that’s so so amazing to hear. Thanks so much. So happy to hear you like what Lucky Things is all about. It’s nice being a finalist. And if I don’t win that’s cool too!! #coolmumclub

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