How I really feel about being a finalist for the Top London Mummy Blogger Award

May has been an exciting month for Lucky Things. It was this time last year I officially launched Lucky Things blog. It’s been fab becoming a finalist for the Top London Mummy Blogger Award run by Over the past year I’ve always been nominating others for awards, competitions and accolades. I love it when people get some recognition for their hard work. So how do I really feel about being a finalist for the Top London Mummy Blogger Award?
Surprised…As Lucky Things blog has only been around for a year I certainly didn’t know expect to be nominated (for anything!). There must be hundreds of bloggers in London. So I did think how I earth have I been picked as one of the finalists?
Shy…Yes I feel shy. Believe it or not I was a pretty shy kid and that feeling has never really left me. For years I didn’t tell people about things I’ve achieved along the way. I didn’t think people would want to know about them. I wasn’t sure if my achievements warranted people’s attention. For a while I didn’t tell anyone about my Top Mummy Blogger award nomination. I kept thinking maybe they had emailed the wrong blogger. But I then had to remind myself there can’t be many Sunita’s out there!


Worried about what others think…I wasn’t sure if it was the done thing to chat about being a finalist. I love being a connector and used to promoting what others are doing. I struggle more with promoting myself and can feel anxious about what others think. If I talked about it, would others think that I am talking about my achievements too much? If they aren’t comfortable with hearing about it, I guess it’s up to them what they think about it all.  Also, would people even want to know about this award? Would they think I’m telling them because I want a vote? Yes and no (actually, yes as a vote would be lovely). Over time, I’m getting better with talking about what I’m doing (or what I’ve done). I guess this award nomination will be good practice.
Size isn’t everything…I loved that has featured nominations for lots of bloggers who haven’t been around for years or who don’t have thousands and thousands of followers. So I do feel proud to be the top 21 finalist list. I’m apparently called a micro-influencer. I’m proud that I’m flying the flag for lots of new blogs and those with smaller followings. I’m hoping to demonstrate that you don’t need huge numbers of followers or high stats to do interesting things or make a difference.
Honoured…I truly feel honoured. As I’ve seen the other finalists being announced over the last few weeks I’ve felt that “wow” feeling. I’m also proud to be alongside other incredible bloggers and vloggers in the finalist line up. In fact I can’t wait to celebrate with them at the awards evening. For me, being part of the finalist line up is a real treat in itself.
It’s OK to feel proud…As a coach, friend and family member I’m always reminding others to celebrate their achievements. In my day job I help others to “train their thinking” so they feel more confident talking about their proud moments. So I’ve had to remind myself that it’s actually OK to talk about my own achievements. If I don’t, no-one will end up knowing about the exciting news and what it means to me.

I’ll be honest, my blog was born out of post natal depression. One evening, my husband Mr.H reminded me how I finally needed to start my blog; something that will be a lasting creative outlet for me. So I do feel proud about that too. A lot has happened over the last year; to me, my little family and with Lucky Things blog. I’ve decided to be bold and just feel proud about all of this as well as the award nomination. As a few friends have told me recently, I’d be daft not to talk about the nomination. I’m sure all of the finalists feel fab about being on the line-up. After all, nominations don’t last forever so it’s about enjoying the moment whilst it lasts.


If you’d like to vote for me, I’d of course really appreciate it. Just pop over to this link for two clicks of your time. Voting closes on 25 May 2017.

Thanks for reading.


Photography by Daniela Cadore

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10 thoughts on “How I really feel about being a finalist for the Top London Mummy Blogger Award

    • Sunita says:

      Thanks so so much. I’m so honoured to be sitting alongside you in the finalist line up. I love that you’re an exercise expert and I can just about manage exercise ha ha! Love what you do and stand for. You’ve inspired me to keep fit more. All the best and hope we get to celebrate our amazing nominations together. Just being nominated is priceless eh? X

  1. Julie Hawksworth says:

    Well done Sunita! I love what Lucky Things stands for and your posts are honest and inspiring. I think your nomination is so well and truly deserved. It was a pleasure to meet you earlier in the year IRL, and following on from that OLA MAMA workshop you hosted on career confidence for Mums, I have taken with me so many little snippets of wisdom and support from you and the other lovely mummas I was lucky to met. So thank you Sunita, and I’ve already voted for you because you’re fabulous!

    • Sunita says:

      Thanks so so much Julie. I’m really quite touched by all of your support. I’m also really pleased you’ve seen me “in action” as a HR and people development expert. I’ve been doing that job for many years so it was wonderful to share lots of tips with you all at the Olive Loves Alfie East OLA Mama workshop. Glad those snippets of wisdom are coming in handy!! We had a great discussion didn’t we? You were all fab.
      So thanks back for taking the time to let me know what you think and for the vote! That means a lot. It’s not often you’re nominated for things ha ha.

  2. Helen @talking_mums says:

    Well done and absolutely you should talk about it but I too find self promotion and self praise hard. You have a fab blog and the recognition is well deserved. I just wish I could make the lucky things meet up in July but that’s the one weekend of the year where I have a weekend away without the kids planned! X

    • Sunita says:

      Hey Helen. Thanks so much for stopping by! Ah I know July is a busy month for everyone. Sounds likes you have some fun plans for that weekend. Let me know if you’d like to go on the waitlist for the London one on 14 October. A new London date for November is being announced soon! Hope to see you around Lucky Things again X have a fab week #dreamteam

  3. Talya says:

    Wow that’s fab news and not surprising at all darling you totally deserve it you have my vote!!!! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this hon xoxo

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