Why we will always have to live with change

Lucky Things is all about helping you and others to feel more confident about our wellbeing and our careers. A word that comes up lot in my own head is change. Not just because of my HR career but what we’ve had to deal with along the way. We all have different experiences of change. It might crop up every now and then or feel like an everyday thing. So why is it that we always have to live with change?

It’s here to stay…Earlier this week I came across the quote “The only permanent thing is change”. It’s here to stay. We experience big and small changes every day. Some changes are more obvious than others. Some changes impact us in bigger ways than others.

It’s beyond our control…Change is here to stay and more often than not, it’s beyond our control. From changes in government to changes to our daily commute, change is often decided by others. Many of us like to work and live with stability so we know what to expect from each day.  So it’s about learning how we can work with change.

It’s here to test us…Some changes makes us feel uncomfortable, give us anxiety or even heartache. Some changes are very hard to get used to. We are able to become more used to some changes. Depending on the kind and size of change, we may learn to become more resilient in our everyday lives. We react with changes of our own to help us deal with different things. We also learn a lot about ourselves along the way.

It’s part of growing up…Thinking of kids, they have to live with so much change. From being an only child to having a sibling in the house or from going to nursery to starting school. Grown ups are still growing up too. We still have to go through so many different phases in our lives, on the career side as well as the home and family front.

It’s about physical changes…Maybe I’m writing this one as I’m now forty. I can see the changes in my eyes and my hair. I know I will feel other changes as the years go by. People have to deal with way more serious changes in their lives; many to do with their health. People are dealing with long-term health changes and short ones. I’ll always remember realising how my first major operation started to affect me (a couple of years later). It changed my opportunity to become a mother in the future. Where possible, I try to maintain perspective to manage how change makes me feel. I know there are others who have or who are dealing with big lifestyle changes.

It’s about emotional changes…How we feel is constantly changing. If you were to jot down how may feelings you encountered during your day or the last hour, I wonder how many there would be? So emotional change is very normal indeed. I think a lot of it is down to us reacting and responding to external influences. We can’t hide our feelings from ourselves, even if we don’t show them to others.

It’s about environmental changes…Whether it’s where we live or where we work, we may decide what’s around us. We may be moving countries, renovating a room in the house or changing a few things around on our desk. These changes are more down to our personal preferences. Many people decide to change their working environment, whether it’s to support their productivity or their career aspirations.

It’s about our decisions…Change can be down to us. We can decide to change something. So if this is the case, do your best to own it. This means we need to just own our decisions instead of focusing our time and energy on what if’s and possible regrets. When we make decisions, we do this for many reasons and this is also influenced by what’s going on right there and then. So we can bring change on ourselves, sometimes because we feel confident about what it means or maybe we just need to see what happens. We also support change whether it’s through our values or actions. In 2017, the theme for International Women’s Day was #BeBoldForChange. Last week I attended a session run by Dove at the Mom 2.0 Summit. We were reminded us how we can help to change how young people view themselves and especially when they feel low self-esteem. So it’s about helping others to live with change too.

What do you think about change? Is it something that’s part of everyday life? Or does change to you feel like big things only? Do you have any tips for dealing with change? Leave a comment below as I’d love to hear what you think. 

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