Talking about Design, Confidence and Wellbeing – a collaboration with home interiors brand

Design is everywhere. It’s in our everyday spaces inside and outside the home. I was invited to talk about Design, Confidence and Wellbeing at the home interiors store Neptune in Wimbledon, London.  I wanted to share the highlights from my talk as well as the evening with guests from a range of backgrounds including interior design, fashion and lifestyle blogging. So why a talk on design, confidence and wellbeing and what’s the link between all three?

Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe; the practical with the desirable”.

I’d like to think you can have all of these in your home. As a HR expert, over the years, I’ve felt conscious about how much time people spend working whether they’re in the office or online at home. I’ve also observed  a shift towards more people working from home, becoming freelancers or setting up their own businesses.  So even more reason for the home be a haven. Our home also plays a dual role of a work space that needs to encourage focus and productivity.

Coming back to our homes as havens, we all lead busy lives and so it’s important our homes are welcoming and provide a space for us to look after ourselves. Here are three homeward bound ideas I shared about how design and how your home can have a positive impact on your confidence and wellbeing.

Create your own space

Find your space where you can relax in your own home. The home is often a space for activities and getting things done. Find your corner of the home and place items that remind you of special times or reminders about your achievements. It could be one end of a shelf, your dressing table or a corner of a room. Are there visuals that make you feel confident as you spend time in this space?

If we feel organised, we feel confident..

Look at ways to organise different spaces around the home, however small. A prime space we always have to look at is the hallway – it’s the first space we see and feel when we enter or leave our homes. What storage ideas can help to make the entrance feel more organised? This isn’t always easy as we discussed at the talk. There can be an endless pile of shoes, coats, buggies or bikes which take up the space.

Where do we spend the most time in our homes? How can we organise our bedrooms better so they’re calmer spaces for rest? I asked the guests to think about the view of their bedroom when they wake up in the morning. Is there a particular spot on the wall you tend to look at? If so, put up inspiring or sentimental images or photos. If possible, keep this view clear from any clutter. This doesn’t mean your bedroom has to be spotless; it’s also about organising the mess so it doesn’t impact your “wake up” view.

Colour confidence

If you’ve seen my Instagram corner, you’ll know how much I love colour. Colour  is key to design and has a huge impact on how we feel. One of the colours Neptune champions is green – it spells out calmness, renewal, patience, escapism and new beginnings.

So, find the colour that represents confidence or something positive to you. It could range from white and neutral tones to bolder colours.

For me, my energising colour around the home is  yellow. One of my favourite Neptune pieces is the yellow velvet cushion. My calm colour is light grey. I’m also looking at introducing more dark teal around our home – it’s bold but also calming.

try out your creative confidence

With our homes, it’s an opportunity to instil and try out some creative confidence. I think one of the best ways to gain confidence in your creativity is through actionThrough my coaching work and talks at the Lucky Things Meet Ups, I’m a big champion of taking small steps. It’s also about encouraging people to experience a series of small successes.

With our home, we may not be into big renovations at the moment but we’re changing small things which will make a big difference to how we feel. I know small things like accessories make a difference. It could be the glasses we drink out of at dinner time (or during the day when we’re at our desk) to a vase (which gives us the excuse to buy ourselves flowers!).

Neptune’s  Alderny Vase is one of my favourite things at the moment. It’s something I’m using to store my jewellery and keepsakes from the last year. It reminds me of my progress and it’s on display on my bedroom shelf so I see it every morning.

So take a minute to think about one thing you love about your home and one thing you’d like to change about your home. What small steps can you take? Whether it’s research or trying out some new home accessories? Is there one piece of furniture you’d love to invest in?


I rounded off my talk with a quote from Coco Chanel: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same” So in my words, find your own style for your home and make it timeless for you and your lifestyle.


Thanks to the Neptune team for hosting a beautiful evening . Thanks to Emma, Project Manager, Nicola, Store Manager, Lizzie, Design Coordinator and Fiona who leads the Neptune marketing team. It was one of the best venues for me to talk about design, confidence and wellbeing.

As with their recent press day, Neptune are making a donation to the Grenfell Tower fund in lieu of providing goody bags for our event.

You can follow Neptune on Instagram @neptunehomeofficial or browse online at A list of Neptune stores can be found here.




This is a sponsored blog post published in collaboration with Neptune. All photography featured in this blog post is my own. 

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