Seven reasons to get out and about with your kids

Over the past couple of months I’ve been much better at getting out and about on my own with three-year old Big Munch and Toddler Munch. To be honest, it’s taken me a while to feel really confident about going into town with two in tow. But now I’ve kind of mastered it. Seeing my friends at different events and gatherings recently reminded me why it’s so important to get out and about with our babies, toddlers and kids.

  1. Social time with your friends…Lots of my friends live in the opposite corners of London so it makes sense for us to meet in central London. Getting out and about with my kids means that I also get to see my mates. I love this about outings. It also means my girls get to see their numerous aunties who are dotted around London. I loved getting together with my school mate at the Mama Meet the other day. The kids had fun and so did we. Remember seeing people is really good for our wellbeing.
  2. Just do it!…It’s good to try out outings. I’ve realised that I just need to give things a go. What have I to lose? If things feel like they’re going wrong, you can always turn around and head home. It doesn’t matter. Some days kids are into exploring, some days they won’t be up for it. There’s always another day…
  3. Change of scenery…However much there is to do in your local hangouts, it’s always good to go to new places and have a change of scenery. I used to love taking the girls when they were babies on buggy street art tours during maternity leave. Sometimes, it’s nice to head to a different part of town and take in some new sights. We also have our favourite spots which are way to get to like Kings Cross. Obviously its much nicer to be out and about when it’s not chucking it down with rain. Always be ready for the rain just in case!
  4. Showing your kids new stuff…We love our City so I enjoy showing Big Munch new things. She thinks any church with a spire is Big Ben (where she’s apparently having her party next year). So when I take her into London and she sees a picture of Big Ben on a tourist stall or in real life she loves it! It was cool showing her St Paul’s the other day. Taking her to my old workplace was really good for her as she could imagien where mummy was working. Toddler Munch loves looking around at stuff too.
  5. Finding new buggy-friendly routes and tube stations…Heading out with two of the kids means a bit of planning but it’s worth it. I love it when we come across stations which are actually step-free or have lifts.
  6. Culture vulture…Outings with kids don’t always have to be focused on kids stuff or soft play. I love taking them to easy museums or galleries where they can run around (and make noise if they want). Some favourites are the British Museum and Tate Modern. Even better if we can head to the Science Museum or Natural History Museum.
  7. Fresh air and daylight…Now the winter months are approaching it’s even more important to get out and about. I know I prefer to head into London town in the morning so we can get home before it gets dark (plus we avoid the rush hour on the tube). Getting out and about doesn’t have to be about big trips into town. They can also be about exploring new things to do near your home. So why not make a list of outdoor and indoor places you’d like to take your kids; some that are close by and some that are further away.

Where do you tend to hang out with your kids or little ones? Do you like venturing into cities or your nearest towns? Which places would you love to explore with your kids? Leave a comment below and share the out and about love…x Sunita

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0 thoughts on “Seven reasons to get out and about with your kids

  1. beautybabyandme says:

    This is so true. After a week of illness Josh and I have been desperate to get out of the house. Fresh air, seeing friends and a change of scenery all do you the world of good xx #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. aliduke79hotmailcom says:

    We tried a few different local events this summer which we has never done before and loved it. So now we love to look for new places, fetes etc to visit.

  3. Lucy's Locket says:

    A simple change of scenery can do so much! I don’t think my daughter likes being in the house all day. There is so much for her to see out in the world, even just a quick trip to the shop! #ForTheLoveOfBlog

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