Lucky Things Wellbeing: Why it’s important to drink lots of water all year round

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some really hot days over the past couple of months. The hotter it was, the more I realised I needed to drink more water. I’m usually quite good at reminding the girls to drink extra water when the days have been warmer.  Now Autumn is definitely here. I no longer need to freeze my water bottles to keep them cool in the sweltering heat. Room temperature is just fine. Whatever the season, we still need to stay hydrated. We all know that water has so many health benefits but somehow we don’t get round to drinking quite enough. So here’s 7 reasons why it’s good to drink lots of water all year round…

  1. Hydration helps our immune system to be more resilient, even more important in the Autumn and Winter months where there are more bugs going round. Who knows what bugs the girls might start bringing home from nursery.
  2. It’s a good way to flush out any toxins. Whether we live in the city, suburbs or the countryside all kinds of environmental toxins can sneak their way into our bodies. Yes drinking lots means more visits to the bathroom but just think of it as body-cleansing!
  3. It’s helps to minimise fatigue and makes us feel more alert. When I have my kind of hangovers (basically from busy nights looking after Baby Munch!) I know drinking water at regular intervals perks me up throughout the day. For my friends who have the more typical hangovers, drinking water is one of the best ways to feel better after a busy fun evening sipping away on cocktails or glasses of wine.
  4. It’s a great beauty trick! As mentioned in my post on beauty tips from Grace Timothy of Mum Face, drinking water has heaps of benefits for our skin.
  5. For us peeps who work lots in offices with air-conditioning or heating,  drinking water can help us to feel less stuffy.
  6. It helps to prevent cramp when we’re doing exercise. Those sudden ouch moments are painful aren’t they? Now I have my no excuses exercise routine, I’ll still be going on our nursery mum-chat power walks in the Autumn. Apart from my phone, the other essential item that comes with me is my big bottle of water.
  7. Drinking water can make you feel happier. Research flagged by Highland Spring describes how brain scans show that when you’re properly hydrated this has a positive impact on parts of your brain so you’re less likely to feel angry or fearful.


So why do you enjoy drinking water? Does it help you to feel better or less tired? How do you ensure you and your family drink enough water? I’m off to have some more right now…

This post is in collaboration with Highland Spring Water who asked me to work with them on their #stayhydrated campaign.  Highland Spring provided us with a supply of their water bottles to use as a family. All opinions expressed are my own (whilst drinking lots of water of course!) 

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4 thoughts on “Lucky Things Wellbeing: Why it’s important to drink lots of water all year round

  1. nickykentisbeer says:

    I so needed to read this today! I am following a fitness and healthy (ish) eating regime and drinking more water was supposed to be part of that! As I’m currently nursing a shocker of a cold, maybe I should have taken action sooner but this is going on my must do list! Although bizarrely the worst time for drinking water is when you have a cold. Not sure if that’s just me! #brillblogposts

  2. reocochran says:

    Water is very vital for our lives. I was pleased to learn that we may drink tea, coffee or other water based drinks to help us nearly as well as plain water. . . My Mom found this evidence in Prevention Magazine. It said the small amount of diuretic in coffee doesn’t take more than 5-10% from value of the water combined with caffeine. She is 88 years old and still frowns (making a “face”) at nurses who tell her to drink more water! 😀

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