Forty ways to look after yourself

At the London Lucky Things Meet Up in January 2017, the theme was looking after yourself. Not only did we hear tips from one of the UK’s leading mindfulness experts Dr.Tamara Russell, we also heard each other’s ideas for taking care of ourselves. I encouraged the attendees to think of a nurture wish they would like to pursue during the following month. I didn’t suggest something for the whole year as sometimes you just need to try things out. It had to be something that would be good for them as individuals. So what better way to kick off my 40th year with a list of 40 ways to look after yourself. These are just 40 of the nurture wishes people shared with me at the Lucky Things Meet Up. Enjoy this list and hope it also offers a bit of self-care inspiration…


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Lucky Things Wellbeing: Why it’s important to drink lots of water all year round

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some really hot days over the past couple of months. The hotter it was, the more I realised I needed to drink more water. I’m usually quite good at reminding the girls to drink extra water when the days have been warmer.  Now Autumn is definitely here. I no longer need to freeze my water bottles to keep them cool in the sweltering heat. Room temperature is just fine. Whatever the season, we still need to stay hydrated. We all know that water has so many health benefits but somehow we don’t get round to drinking quite enough. So here’s 7 reasons why it’s good to drink lots of water all year round… Continue reading

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