Time to Shine: 7 Things I Enjoy by author Anoushka Beazley

Hey everyone. I first came across Anoushka Beazley on the blog Not So Smug Now  (by Cat who is also the co-founder of the creative business agency Hustle & Fox). I thought why have I not heard about this Anoushka Beazley and her new book before? Anoushka recently self-published the novel The Good Enough Mother. It’s a funny novel about a mama who’s wondering how on earth she’s going to afford private school fees. She then comes up with a cunning criminal plan. Intriguing…


In real life, Anoushka is a mum of three who lives in North London. I contacted Anoushka the other week and we started chatting over Instagram. Next thing I know I’m asking to interview her and then I thought (sod this) I might as well ask her to write something for the Time to Shine series. This is where peeps who like Lucky Things can “borrow my blog” to share some of their writing.

So thanks Anoushka for replying to my random Instagram direct message. Thanks for writing something especially for Lucky Things blog . Over to Anoushka….



7 Things I Enjoy

  1. Going on road trips with my husband and three girls. Ridiculously excited that this will inevitably lead to screams for the toilet at 90 mph, but it won’t matter as we will be having an adventure which makes everything hilarious.
  2. Getting dressed up and going out for dinner and drinks with friends where it is physically impossible to touch on all the events you have missed in each other’s lives, so you abandon that idea and end up giggling at the sexy waiter instead.
  3. A good box set. An opportunity to immerse myself in the creative geniuses that are the Duffer Brothers (‘Stranger Things’) or indeed the Kessler Brothers (‘Bloodlines’), or something so poetic and hauntingly poignant like ‘Olive Kitteridge’ you feel like you have been given an extra insight into the human condition.
  4. Hip Hop with phat baselines so I can run and delude myself into thinking that I have always been a runner. Country music which never fails to make me happy. Something about the soul of the lyrics and the simplicity of a guitar has me dancing in my kitchen like I’m in Nashville. Show tunes, because regardless of the fact that I should not be singing in public I can see myself up on that stage “defying gravity”.
  5. Once, housebound with the kids, I had a taxi pick up some cocoa-dusted almonds from the nearby chocolatier and bring them back! This magical bean and I were meant to be together and nothing, and I mean nothing, will keep us apart.
  6. Being an author, I write every day and there is an intoxicating rush when you know you’ve written something that has you punching the air because it feels that good to tap into such creativity.
  7. Outdoor swimming. The most liberating feeling. An active meditation. I feel invincible and yet utterly peaceful, a strange but lovely combination and it makes me feel like I’m beautiful, and I’m swimming in a beautiful world.

anoushka-photoThere’s also a live webchat with Anoushka Beazley on Poppy Loves Book Club Facebook page 7.30pm-9pm on Wednesday 28th September 2016. Click on this link to join in. By coincidence, Poppy Loves is one of the first London blogs I came across which inspired me to start my own.
Although Anoushka’s book is self-published she’s done something groundbreaking as her novel is on sale at some London branches of Waterstones, Daunt Books and Foyles. You can grab a copy online through the Waterstones’ website.

I’ll be featuring an interview chat with Anoushka Beazley on the Lucky Things Inspire series in a few weeks’ time. In the meantime, check out her new novel over at AnoushkaBeazley.com.

You can also hear more about Anoushka Beazley through…
Twitter @AnoushkaBeazley
Facebook @thegoodenoughmother
Instagram @anoushkabeazley

Enjoy lucky things, see you (and Anoushka) again soon. x Sunita

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