Lucky Things Blogger: 7 Things I love about the Instagram community 

I’ve always had a thing for pictures. Probably around the age I started getting into photography. Also around the time I arrived in London. Then a few years ago Instagram popped up. I loved it. I could look at pictures for ages. Flickr appeared in my life but we didn’t have the same bond. Having launched @luckythingsblog properly about 6 months ago now I’ve loved what my Instagram has grown into.

 I always wanted it to be colourful like my outfits and the street art I spot around London. Best of all, I’ve ended up “meeting” and “hanging out” with some amazing InstaPeeps.

So here’s 7 things I love about Instagram community…

  1. Positivity….It’s very rare that someone says something negative about your pics or your work on Instagram. If they don’t like it they just ignore it and like something else instead.
  2. Support network…Just as Donna explained at the Mama Squad Assemble, she  managed to create an online community for new and old mums. Support isn’t always about seeing people face to face these days. It’s knowing someone will be there if you need to share something. The other week I was having a rubbish time and a few supportive direct messages from Instapals made all of the difference (thanks @mamazou85 and @mama.cheetah and @supechargedclub).
  3. Inspiration and awareness...Where do I start? Other InstaMums and InstaPals have totally kept me inspired especially through a tough time earlier this year.  Lucky Things Pinterest is going to be launched soon which is really exciting. In the meantime Instagram is full of inspiration for me. The other week hundred of InstaMums supported Pandas Foundation for their post natal depress campaign (spot the pink pandas on my Instahome).
  4. Honesty... I sometimes think that people view Instagram as a platform to show off your perfect life. That’s one view and that’s fine. But it’s just the same as Facebook. With my experience of Instagram it’s been about understanding more about people’s everyday struggles and other tough things they’ve gone through. People are sharing an honesty about who they are inn their pictures and Instastories. Their photo descriptions are bite-sized blog posts. A lot of people are so not trying to be (or want to be) perfect which I love.
  5. Connections…Through some of my favourite Instagram accounts (too many to mention) I’ve discovered other InstaPeeps who inspire me. One Instafed leads to another…
  6. Real life friendships and link ups… Some gatherings are purely based on your network on Instagram. I have also been lucky to have met some of my fav InstaPeeps in real life. We already know something about each other through our photos and our photo write ups. We end up collaborating on our blogs. We have been in touch heaps over direct messages as if we were texting each other’s phones. Thanks to Cee @heyisthatme for being cool about meeting me in person.
  7. Enjoying Lucky Things…One of the reasons why I set up the #enjoyluckythings Insta tag was that I love using my Instafeed to collect pics of things I treasure or make me happy or moments I don’t want to forget. If you want to tag your happy pics feel free to decorate your Insta with #enjoyluckythings.

So what do you love  about Instagram? What’s easy about it? Anything you wish could be a bit different or easier on Instagram? Share the Insta love and leave a little comment.

See you another time whether on the blog or over at Instagram.

X Sunita

This goes without saying, but always use your own judgement when socialising online and treat others with respect. 

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21 thoughts on “Lucky Things Blogger: 7 Things I love about the Instagram community 

  1. that me? says:

    Ditto to all of the above. I never imagined that I would actually meet real life inspirations through Instagram. Before I joined I thought it was weird how people would share the most intimate of things with complete strangers. But, now, I get it. There is a comfort in talking to someone who doesn’t have any preconceived notions about you and who won’t judge you based on their prior interactions with you or those of someone else. We all feel a little bit special as we get to see snippets of the lives of others and we feel special when others take the time to comment on our snippets too. It can be a totally feel-good place for us mamas. I hope it stays that way…xx

    • Sunita says:

      Thanks Cee. You’re right about talking to people who don’t know your history. Some people you meet are easy to chat too. It’s nice meeting people and liking them just because of their personalities that come across in their honest writing. Xxx

  2. Soppymum says:

    I really love Instagram. Only started with it when I started my blog a few months ago but just find it so positive. I would love to join in with #enjoyluckythings xx #thelist

    • Sunita says:

      Hey Soppymum. Isn’t Instagram fun? Some people think it’s all about showing off but it’s not. Lots of us on there are pretty real people going through everyday stuff. I love its positivity. Can’t wait to see your pics tagged with #enjoyluckythings xx #theList

  3. Winnettes says:

    Instagram is my favourite social platform. I have met some lovely people on there and have even met up in real life with one lady, hopefully soon to be more. The support is out there like it isn’t on facebook or twitter. Plus the chance to showcase some of my pictures is brilliant.

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