Lucky Things Beauty: Amazing beauty tips from Grace Timothy – Mum Face blogger and vlogger

One of the many highlights of popping along to the Mama Squad Assemble the other Saturday afternoon was hearing Grace Timothy chat about her beauty tips. She set up the Mum Face blog and You Tube channel to share gems of knowledge from her 10 years+ in the beauty industry.

So why did Grace start Mum Face? Whilst working at Glamour magazine, she became pregnant and started getting gestational acne. As she felt her face melting into her laptop (Grace’s words!) she realised she needed to find out what products she was allowed use during her pregnancy. Then when she had her daughter, a new hormonal weirdness appeared.

So Mum Face was born – a women’s-pregnancy-mummy-everyday beauty blog. It’s for everyone. She also wanted to share tips on managing the worse case beauty scenarios! She wanted other women to see products in different ways.  Grace loves trying out products for us as she doesn’t want us to waste our money. Grace is fab at blogging and vlogging as she’s a natural over-sharer. Like a beauty super heroine, she loves busting beauty myths. 


So here’s 7 great make up and beauty tricks courtesy of the lovely Grace…

1. Think of make up as a tool… Lipstick is a great one and it makes Grace feel better (and it’s cheap!). I know a cheap lipstick is always a good me-treat for us busy mums who are also on a budget. It’s amazing how brighter I feel when I have a bit of lippy on, as described in my 7 Things We Love About Lipstick blog post. We’re all working with budgets so Grace recommends keep something aside for lipstick.

2. Work out your 2 minute routines! If you’re going to the toilet is this also a chance to do a quick cleanse and give yourself a mini face massage? Women are great at multitasking. Think about how you can use that time, even if it’s only few minutes. Most of us are good at getting ready in the morning in a rush. Grace talks about prioritising your beauty routine. Don’t put pressure on yourself when you have to nail lots of other things. My advice is think about which two bits of make up you CANNOT leave the house without wearing? Grace gave us an example of doing her foundation first then brows (that’s 3 minutes!). If she has a bit longer, then she’ll pop on some blusher and lipstick. She tries not to overdo the blusher to avoid looking like Aunt Sally! I actually do leave the house looking like Aunt Sally, but by the time I get to work my blusher usually calms down. Keep an eye out for the Lucky Things post next week on my two-minute morning make-up routine where you’ll hear more about my favourite beauty products.

3. Is it good to swap moisturisers? Grace says it’s all about knowing your skin. Checking how your skin feels when you first wake up is a good test. Where are the dry or oily bits? Go to a beauty counter and ask for some proper advice. Interestingly, Grace explained that dry skin is more genetic whereas dehydrated skin can affect everyone. She also reminded us to check the shelf lives of our beauty products like moisturisers. Depending on the ingredients some are better used within 12 months. Grace also mentioned it’s good to wear some SPF but be mindful that SPF can block some good moisturiser ingredients like anti-oxidants.
4. Everyday pampering with face cloths...A few of the ladies asked about how to deal with open pores. For this and general quick and easy pampering Grace recommended using face cloths to wash your face. Buy up lots of cheap ones as it’s important you use a fresh one each day or even better new ones for morning and night (I get mine from IKEA, Primark or the supermarkets). Big Munch and Baby Munch have their own bamboo face cloths for each day too. Recently, all three of us have been putting warm soggy face cloths on as mini-facials at bath-time! Also, there’s no reason why you can’t use also baby face cloths. Cuddledry do some great ones on (at time of publishing this post there’s also a 10% discount for Cuddledry face cloths).

5. Try cheaper brands. Step outside of your comfort zone, as you don’t have to stick to your usual brands all of the time. Think about it, our make up bags could be worth well over a £100. Remember the less you spend then the wider range of colours you can buy or try out when it comes to lipsticks and eyeshadows. Grace mentioned some of her cheaper favourites like Rimmel , H&M and Superdrug’s MUA brand. There’s also Loreal’s telescopic mascara, Loreal’s 4 in 1 foundation and the genius match compact (all-in-one powder concealer foundation) which Grace says are amazing. Also, Topshop has a really good waterproof eyeliner. These brands are cheap and they last. This was particularly good advice for me as I’ve been very loyal to MAC over the years as they used to sponsor me with discounts in my fashion industry days. One of my new favourite brands is KIKO. I came across their store at Oxford Circus just before returning to work. So I treated myself to a really cheap blusher for the work desk and some bright teal green eyeliner for my days off work. Both are now two of my favourite make up buddies.

6. Drink water! We all know this one right, but somehow it’s really easy to forget to drink lots when we’re busy running around. As Emma from Supercharged Club mentioned, it’s all about what you put into your body (no rude comments please!). Seriously, think about the amount of sugar, alcohol and processed food you might get through in the week. All of that affects how skin and how we feel. So it’s about what we put into our skin. If you get a chance, check out my posts over the next few weeks about keeping hydrated with one of our long-time family favourites Highland Spring.

7. Accept how you look sometimes. Massage that Mum Face! You may feel grey, haggard and sleep deprived. But as Grace says, just because you have dark circles and lines it doesn’t mean you look bad. So accept those wrinkles. Love every single one of them, they’re part of you. Grace also reminded us that we’re in the era of big brows so maybe they only need a little tidy up. Mary from Supercharged Club threw in a lovely tip. Every morning tell yourself what you love about yourself today, which bit looks great? Yep, it may sound cheesy but positive affirmations about ourselves can help. She told us how she and her little boy look in the mirror and say “I love my eyes today” or “I love my arms!”

So thanks Grace for energising me about my beauty routine without the pressure of spending lots on my tool kit. Also, thanks to all of the lovely Mama Squad ladies who shared their own beauty tips that afternoon. We all rock (even with big tired bags under our eyes!)

What are your top beauty tips? How do you do your make up in the morning when you’re in a rush? What tips do you have for choosing the right make up and beauty products for you?  Go on Lucky Things, leave a quick comment and share the beauty love…

Hope to see you again on Lucky Things, enjoy your day/night.

x ‘A blushered-up, so gonna wear lipstick today’ Sunita

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13 thoughts on “Lucky Things Beauty: Amazing beauty tips from Grace Timothy – Mum Face blogger and vlogger

  1. Lou says:

    Loved this post and I have definitely had some Aunt Sally moments! Very inspirational re trying different brands and shaking it up a bit always helps I think- our skin gets bored like us! Thanks for posting #mumsthatslay Lou

  2. misspetaluma says:

    Great tips, so many new ideas for nailing my beauty regime. It’s good to know it doesn’t need to be a full on palava. Now everyone can do 2 mins. Thanks for linking up with #MumsThatSlay Yvadney xx

    • Sunita says:

      Ah that’s great Yvadney. I think we should all work out a 2 minute make up routine! It’s going to be one of my first VLOGs – watch this space! Lovely linking up at#mumsthatslay X Sunita

    • Sunita says:

      Have fun trying out your new make up and beauty tricks Emily. Do you have any beauty tricks to share? Lovely you enjoyed the post. Don’t forget to check out Grace’s MUM FACE vlogs. They’re fab. My follow up post on my morning beauty routine is coming soon… Thanks for stopping by Lucky Things. #KCACOLS

  3. Someone's Mum says:

    Such useful tips here! I think I have worn make-up a total of two times (Both weddings!) since having kids but I really need to get back into the habit more! Thanks so much for linking with #KCACOLS. We hope you come back next week.

    • Sunita says:

      Hey Someone’s Mum. Thanks for stopping by. Yep sometimes it’s hard to wear make up everyday. It’s nice to save it for a special occasion too. Hope you enjoyed your weddings! See you again for sure at #KCACOLS X Sunita

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