Time to Shine: Celebrating those winning moments as a parent – Guest post by Kimberly

Hey everyone, my pal Kimberly is back! You may have seen her cool post on confidence tips she picked up from a career in TV. Thanks to everyone who read her post and left a comment. Here’s Kimberly’s second post for Lucky Things (I’m secretly hoping there will be many more..). Parenting isn’t supposed to be straightforward. We also can’t put pressure on ourselves to be perfect parents and bring up ‘perfect’ children.

Over to the lovely Kimberly who tells us about those precious winning moments as a parent…

“If you’re not finding parenting hard, you’re doing it wrong”

A brilliant quote from one of my best mates as we were discussing the ups and downs of life with our little cherubs. And seeing as I know pretty much no one who finds parenting easy, we must all be doing it right?

Much of it is, though, about winning one battle at a time… so I thought I’d share seven mini fist-pump moments I’ve experienced as a parent on a winning day:

  • The first few times three-year old M said please or thank you automatically with no irritating, hate-the-sound- of my-own- voice-by- now “what do you say?!” from me. Proud.
  • Getting a parent and child car parking space. Yesss. Especially when you know for a fact that Porsche driver with no kids in front was contemplating it just before they noticed you racing towards it with nursery rhymes blaring.
  • Finding a good babysitter you can trust and coming home to the news that there wasn’t even a peep out of them, and they’d love to babysit again. Winning.
  • When three-year old M tries something new on his plate without question. This is a rare occurrence! I’m dancing around inside but ignoring it so as not to draw attention to it and scare him off…. Hooray for one more meal/veg/fruit to add to the pretty tiny repertoire.
  • When your little person puts you on the spot on a grown up subject and you somehow have to find a good, child-friendly but not dishonest answer. i.e. where babies come from (eek), death (argh), why all pirates have eye patches… (I did Google that one to be fair, there are some quite interesting theories!). When you get away with a good explanation that they seem to accept, it’s pretty satisfying.
  • When you say it’s bedtime, and they say ‘OK’. Pardon?! Rare indeed, but music to the ears when it happens. (Quick – write down anything you did that day/fed them/said to them that might have helped reproduce this result!)
  • The lovely, spontaneous cuddles they give you out of the blue. Less of a fist pump – more of a heart melt. And a reminder that it’s all worth it…wish you could bottle that stuff.


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x Sunita

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