Lucky Things Style: 7 Things from my Summer wardrobe I’ll be wearing in Autumn

img_6530What is the weather doing at the moment? Last week there was a heatwave and the Saltwater sandals were out again. Yesterday it was all about tights (only 10 denier ones though, no way I’m getting the opaques out yet). My wardrobe is pretty reliable for the unreliable British (and London) weather.  There are some things that have been in my wardrobe for years that come out in most seasons. I never move all of my Summer favourites out as we approach the new season changeovers. Some items are all year round friends.

Here are 7 of my wardrobe favourites that will happily take me through to Autumn… Continue reading

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Lucky Things Beauty: Amazing beauty tips from Grace Timothy – Mum Face blogger and vlogger

One of the many highlights of popping along to the Mama Squad Assemble the other Saturday afternoon was hearing Grace Timothy chat about her beauty tips. She set up the Mum Face blog and You Tube channel to share gems of knowledge from her 10 years+ in the beauty industry.

So why did Grace start Mum Face? Whilst working at Glamour magazine, she became pregnant and started getting gestational acne. As she felt her face melting into her laptop (Grace’s words!) she realised she needed to find out what products she was allowed use during her pregnancy. Then when she had her daughter, a new hormonal weirdness appeared.

So Mum Face was born – a women’s-pregnancy-mummy-everyday beauty blog. It’s for everyone. She also wanted to share tips on managing the worse case beauty scenarios! She wanted other women to see products in different ways.  Grace loves trying out products for us as she doesn’t want us to waste our money. Grace is fab at blogging and vlogging as she’s a natural over-sharer. Like a beauty super heroine, she loves busting beauty myths.  Continue reading

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Lucky Things Style: My #BML16 Style Round-Up

Most days I can be a little indecisive what to wear. For my first #BML16 bloggers conference, I shortlisted 4 outfits. With only a few days to go, as well as packing for a family week away, I had to seriously sort out what I was wearing. At least I knew what shoes I’d be wearing to #BML16 – flat ones! So I called upon my trusty blog followers AKA the Lucky Things crew. To give people something fun to vote for last week, they chose from the below.

The winner of my style election was the yellow skirt I picked up from the bright Australian brand Gorman. I knew I wouldn’t regret buying that skirt. It felt a bit bold at the time but I thought it’s ok I  think I can make this work, plus it felt like a happy skirt to wear. I tried it on in a rush whilst Mr.H was manning the buggy and toddler in the Melbourne heat. I remember yelling to him from the across the street asking for his opinion!

Last Saturday, it was a jam-packed hot day and we were all busy running from session to session. It was also fun writing my celebrating my first #BML16 blog post. Everyone looked great at #BML16. So here’s my #BML16 style wrap up featuring some of the style spots I came across whilst chatting to bloggers over the weekend… Continue reading

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