Lucky Things Style: 7 Things from my Summer wardrobe I’ll be wearing in Autumn

img_6530What is the weather doing at the moment? Last week there was a heatwave and the Saltwater sandals were out again. Yesterday it was all about tights (only 10 denier ones though, no way I’m getting the opaques out yet). My wardrobe is pretty reliable for the unreliable British (and London) weather.  There are some things that have been in my wardrobe for years that come out in most seasons. I never move all of my Summer favourites out as we approach the new season changeovers. Some items are all year round friends.

Here are 7 of my wardrobe favourites that will happily take me through to Autumn…


  1. My TU dungaree dress…When I first spotted this, I asked another Instapal to pledge to wear hers all year round so we could keep them in fashion! This dungaree dress was a bargain at £16 and I can’t wait to couple it up with some thin jumpers and bright tights. Keep an eye out on Tu Clothing at the moment as they’ve just brought out their premium collection. (Time in my wardrobe:2 months).
  2. The yellow pleated skirt….If you were at BritMums’ #BML16 you may have seen this flash of yellow! It’s cute as it’s known as the yellow skirt from BritMums (cool as it was also featured in the #BML16 in pictures round-up). I also wore this skirt in chilly January this year and it’s been a gem over the Summer months. I’ll be wearing it with tights and knee-high or ankle boots this Autumn. Can’t wait to wear it with my below leather jacket below before the wool coats have to come out. Sadly the skirt is all the way from Gorman in Australia but there are lots of pleated skirts out there, just not bright yellow ones. (Time in my wardrobe: 8 months).
  3. My black biker leather jacket….I invested in this a few years ago. It was pre-baby days and I waited for the Summer sales to buy a leather jacket I’d adore. As mumgear, it worked well with the ErgoBaby sling. BTW I am a professional coat-layer-upper. I love wearing two coats at the same time. So this biker will be great under my macs and Rains coat in the Autumn. It will also keep me cosy under my wintery wool coats (Leather biker is from Sandro, time in my wardrobe 4 years).img_5132
  4. My Topshop snakeskin jumpsuit….Gosh when you write down snakeskin jumpsuit it sounds like an awful look. Feel like I missed out on buying a really nice bright jumpsuit this year. Mum Muddling Through has my favourite one from the Summer season (another Topshop find as featured in my #BML16 style round-up). I know this jumpsuit will look alright with a long-sleeved black top underneath and my timeless Russell Bromley kitten heel ankle boots. May even rock it with a black polo neck for extra geekness. Hmm, just added the link to Topshop and have my eye own on the gold jumpsuit….(Time in my wardrobe: 6 years).img_4220
  5. My M&S coral blouse...I wore this to my daughter’s third birthday Hello Kitty party as it was one of my ‘pinkish’ items. As the Summer kind of started later this year I loved these longer sleeves. It’s dangerous having a huge M&S near work, it doesn’t take long to scan the sales when I manage to catch an earlier train. This has also been a great work staple (Time in my wardrobe: 6 months). img_3096
  6. My leopard print kitten heels…one of ‘my return to work after mat leave’ style additions. Found these in the MANGO sale and bought them as I knew they’d be all-year rounders. They will look just fine with opaque tights and my knee-length leather skirt from Jigsaw.
  7. My shorter jumpsuit…Thanks to @AlongCameJay who showed this jumpsuit some love the other day.I found it after the birth of Big Munch and it was amazing for breastfeeding. This Autumn, I will be teaming it up with tights and my Russell Bromley kitten heel boots or maybe my trusty Stan Smiths if the tone of the tights are right. Just like Style After Nine, I love mixing up charity shop with high street or designer gems. This jumpsuit is one of my favourite charity shop finds ever. This was originally from La Redoute – sorry to be a bad influence but they currently have 40% off everything online at the time of posting this. (Time in my wardrobe: 3 years).IMG_6623

All of the above wardrobe gems were bought in the sale. Check out my earlier post on sale shopping and adding wearability to your wardrobe. 

So do you clear out and pack away your Summer wardrobe to make room for the Autumn gear? Or do you have multi-season favourites like me? What the item of clothing that’s been in your wardrobe for years? Leave a comment below and share the wardrobe love…

Bye for now and enjoy Lucky Things Style, from a “little chilly, time to layer up” Sunita.

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2 thoughts on “Lucky Things Style: 7 Things from my Summer wardrobe I’ll be wearing in Autumn

  1. misspetaluma says:

    I love this post so much. I don’t see the point in consuming for the sake of it when you have great pieces that work all year around. That snakeskin jumpsuit is magical. thanks for linking up with #MumsThatSlay Yvadney xx

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