Why I organise events for all women?

Across the UK since 2016, I organised the Lucky Things Meet Ups. They’re social events initially just for women. So why did I initially organise events with an inclusive female audience in mind?

What are the Lucky Things meet Ups all about again?

They’re about bringing people together in a space where people feel at ease. It’s also about carving out some time to invest in yourself, your career and your wellbeing. If you’re interested, it’s about chat-working (what I call networking, as it’s more about chatting to new and familiar faces).

It’s about inclusivity

Thinking about the values of the Lucky Things Meet Ups, they need to be as inclusive as possible. At school, I knew what felt like to be excluded from groups because of how I looked. So I’m keen for the Lucky Things events to maintain its reputation for being inclusive. It’s super rewarding to see how the Lucky Things events attract women of diverse backgrounds whether it’s their career, their values, their lifestyle or their culture. That is what the Lucky Things Meet Ups are about.

My events are for ALL women

I often interview attendees at the Lucky Things Meet Ups about what they think. I love it that they tell me what they really think. Honesty is really important to me. I guess it’s another value that’s important to my events and my blog. Rachel @rachelthehat summed it up nicely in this video clip. Rachel describes Lucky Things as “It’s for everyone, every woman can just go to your blog and your Instagram and feel that there’s something there for them. It’s about a community that’s about bringing everyone into the fold”.

You can just be you

When you spend time at an event, it’s important to feel comfortable so you can make the most of the me-time or social time. This is really important for women. We play many roles and sometimes you just want to be you. I love this piece of feedback after London’s July Lucky Things Meet Up.

Your meet ups are so welcoming and you can be yourself

Not just for mamas

Lucky Things events were never going to just focus on mothers, mums, mamas or motherhood. I remember too well how it felt not being part of the mum club for yearsOver our infertility and IVF journeys at many points I had to accept that maybe I wasn’t going to experience motherhood. So I never wanted the Lucky Things to focus on mums. One thing I really love about the Lucky Things Meet Ups is that they really are events for every woman.

A chance to learn from others..

During the talks, people can share their honest stories as well as differing opinions. People often say how my events stand out because I (and the panel speakers) allow the audience to engage in the discussion too. It’s not just about the panel speakers chatting away. I think as women we can bring a different level of emotional intelligence to events. We’re keen to support each other and always happy to share ideas.

Going to events can be nerve-wracking…

Many women contact me before the event dates and mention how they might be feeling a bit nervous or anxious about coming along to an event. It’s totally normal! We’ve all been there and I know first-hand how it feels to be nervous as you enter the venue. Check out my top tips for going to event on our own. More and more women are doing this as events are being organised through online social networks and Instagram.  The Lucky Things Meet Ups are well-known for their welcoming and friendly vibes.

I enjoy finding out after the event how they felt about being there. It’s great hearing things like what Hayley @hayleyloveshighstreet had to say about her first Instagram event “Thank you for hosting such a lovely event and afternoon! First ever Instagram meet up and I was so nervous. I’m so glad I came along, so many lovely and inspiring ladies, really boosted my confidence”. 

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How has lockdown living impacted your confidence?

Photography by Carly Michael Shoots, taken at a Lucky Things Meet Up at the Folly, Central London n 2019.

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Why it’s good to stay in your lane

Keep staying in your lane

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Top tips on feeling confident about your children starting school

In the run up to children starting or returning school after half-terms or holidays, there can be a whirlwind of emotions. We focus lots on how much we want our children to feel happy and confident about starting school, but what about the grown ups? It’s also important to look after your own wellbeing and confidence as a parent when your child walks into a new era. So here’s some ideas about how to feel confident and happy when your child is returning to or starting school.

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