Blogger: Why I’m off to Mumsnet #Blogfest16

It’s obvious I love blogging. There are lots of reasons why. I’m heading to Mumsnet #Blogfest16 with about 500 other blogger colleagues. In true Lucky Things style, here’s seven reasons why…

  1. It’s good to get people together…It’s lovely looking at the Insta comments and Tweets seeing that blogger pals are going to be meeting up (and for the first time). There’s a real energy when you get to see people IRL who you don’t get to see in person much. We loved getting everyone together at the first ever Lucky Things Meet Up back in October. This year, I’ve encouraged a few of my blogger pals (well friends really) to come along to their first blogger conference. Thanks to jeniwhitchurch from Where I Write who won tickets last minute and kindly gave the second prize to one of my friends.

  1. Learning some more skills…The Blogfest line up is amazing. From talks by The Unmumsy Mum, Steph Don’t Buy Her Flowers and Brummy Mummy of 2, Mother Pukka to one to one clinic sessions on your own blog, it’s all about mastering some new skills. It’s also about picking up some new tricks as us bloggers have lots of skills already! It’s great learning from other people. Something I’ve valued over the years in my career.
  2. The laughs…Well it’s been quite an interesting week for history and has made us think about what we can do to shape the future for our little people. So I’m sure we’re looking forward to lots of laughs. I’m sure the speakers will have some good jokes up their sleeves to make us smile. Seeing our blogger friends and meeting new ones will create a giggle or two.
  3. Insight…There are some great round the table talks. Respect to  Aby Moore (You Baby Me Mummy) who’s leading the mental health roundtable and
    Hayley Goleniowska (Downs Side Up) who leading the special needs roundtable, These discussion sessions where we can all contribute are a fab idea.  It’s about getting insight into some life changing and lifestyle issues that affect many of us.
  4. Can we have a selfie?…Well as we will be busy meeting and bumping into lots of bloggers, there will be lots of photo opportunities. Start warming up those biceps for those selfie shots. Expect a few to appear on my Twitter and Instagram throughout the day.
  5. Spreading the word…Blogging is about raising awareness of things we love as well as important grown-up stuff. We’ll be talking about what’s been going on at our end as well as some of our fun collaborations, whether they’re with other bloggers or brands. This year, I have two sponsors for #Blogfest16. Mothercare UK – check out my last post on their Spring/Summer 2017 range. There’s also the organic beauty brand Weleda who sponsoring my handbag treats. Yep, I love my hand cream and will enjoy using my Skin Food all day. _mg_8250
  6. Hugs, handshakes and hi-fives…Well maybe not so many handshakes as it’s a relaxed day. There will be lots of keeping in touch ones as well as “It’s you, so cool to see you” hugs.

So, you’ll see another post soon about what we got up to. In the meantime, if you’re going today have a fab time and keep smiling (we are all sleep-deprived whether it’s because of early starts with the kids or grabbing trains from around the country in the middle of the night). If you can’t be there today, we will share the #Blogfest16 love and any tricks we picked up.

Right, off to meet a few of the blogger crew at 9am at the entrance….I’m the one in the metallic silver skirt if I don’t see you first and you want to pop over and say hi

x Sunita

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