Seven tips on getting ready for a mummy night out 

Pre-kids I’d be out a few times a week in the evenings. Whether it was dinner outings, work events, dancing to our favourite DJs’ tracks in clubs or parties, the week always involved a good night out. Now I’m a mama, things are obviously different. So when I do have a night out I need to be organised as I can be. The getting ready part of a night out is important to me. I want to feel great about what I’m wearing. It’s a bit of free pampering and me-time. It’s what I call a me-treat. This means I have to be a bit organised (note: just a bit and nothing goes to plan). I can’t always do night outs so sometimes I plan outings with friends at the weekends for a few hours. So here’s 7 tips on getting ready for a mum night (or morning/afternoon) out…

1. Work out your own dress code for the night out…Dress down or dress up? Is it a casual thing where jeans, a top and Stan Smiths will do or it is a party where you want to look glammed up? Think about this in advance of the event. Find an outfit that you’re happy in. This is a good way to feel confident and content. Avoid the last minute wardrobe rush when you realise your favourite outfit is not clean, totally creased up or you can’t find it anywhere!

2. Work out how much time you need to get ready…This depends on what the outing it is. I need time to do my make up, quickly do my hair and change my mind about my outfit at least once. If I have 30 minutes to get ready that’s fab. If it involves doing hair properly then I need an hour in total. Realistically it’s not often mamas have an hour to get ready right? Most of the time I end up getting ready in 15 minutes!

3. Work out when you are going to get ready? The when is really important here. I know things can change and the kids may suddenly need us but hey ho that’s when juggling and improvising as mamas saves the day. If I’m heading out close to or just after bedtime, I may need to do my make up before I start the bedtime rituals for the girls. Have an idea of when you will get ready so you don’t feel rushed.

4. Get someone to look after the kids whilst you get ready…My girls are at an age where they play in the bathroom or bedroom with me whilst I get ready. But there are times when Baby Munch just knows I’m heading out. This means extra cuddles mummy that can’t be resisted. You can cuddle and try to do make up at the same time but not recommended if you’re doing mascara, lipstick or eyeliner! I’ve been lucky that my mum has looked after the girls for my last two nights out so I could carve out some decent get ready time. Even 15 minutes to myself really helps.

If you’ve booked a babysitter, see if they can come a bit earlier so you have your getting ready time. Or if your partner is at home, ask them to look after the kids at a particular time whilst you spend time getting ready.

5. Getting your clothes and handbag ready…Deciding what to wear in advance means you can check that everything’s in good shape. Sometimes, I plan my outfit or choices earlier in the week. Do you need to dry clean or wash that gorgeous dress after the last outing? Does your favourite going out top need a little iron? If so, try not to leave ironing to the hour before going out. Do any ironing when the kids are in bed earlier in the week. Do your favourite shoes need to be re-heeled? Arggh!

Pack the handbag (or even do a list on your phone on what you need to take). My quick I’m out tonight handbag list usually includes lipbalm, MAC lipstick, MAC compact powder, hand cream, keys, phone, tissues, tube perfume, debit card for my travel and a bit of cash. Do you need to pack a make up brush or a compact mirror so you can do your make up in the car, cab or or on the train?

6. Charge up your phone…It’s a real doh moment when you realise you’re leaving the house and your phone doesn’t have much juice. Even more important when we are away from our children. So as soon as you start getting ready, charge up your phone. I also leave it charging it on top of my handbag I’m taking out so I don’t forget my phone (easy to do if I rush out of the house). Or pack a portable phone charger in the handbag.

7. Involve your kids…I love asking three-year old daughter about “what I should wear tonight?” It makes “mummy’s going out” a bit fun for her too. I start with the open question and she may say a necklace, dress or trousers. If it’s a big night out she may suggest “your Frozen dress” (don’t worry guys, I don’t have one of these). Sometimes I give her a choice and ask “Should I wear the orange dress or pink dress?” I love hearing her opinion. The other night when I did a talk on blogging, big Munch suggested I wear red and pink lipstick. This actually worked! She associates me wearing lipstick with going out which is cute.
Oh and I’ll throw one more in. Letting your kids know you will be home later…We have always been upfront about when mummy and daddy are going out with our three-year old. Even if we leave the house after Big Munch is in bed I feel it’s better for her to know that we aren’t home so she expects someone else to come and see her if she needs anything. It’s kind of letting her know that “bye” means we always come back home. Make time for a proper cuddly goodbye with your kids. I know Big Munch will want me to read her books before going out. I know this is a parenting personal choice and at times parents need to sneak out of the house to avoid upsetting goodbye moments. Anyway, work out your own strategy for getting out of the house (on time or on reasonable late time).
What are your tips for getting ready for a night out? Are you a last minute person when it comes to choosing your outfit or more of a planner? What are your tricks for getting ready in a rush?

Share your tips and leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you…
X Sunita (right off to spend five minutes planning my outfit for my next mama outing).

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25 thoughts on “Seven tips on getting ready for a mummy night out 

    • Sunita says:

      Ha ha yes, def factor in time for mama-kiddy dramas (and our own – can’t find the other shoe, where’s my lipstick???!!) Thanks for stopping by #brillblogposts

    • Sunita says:

      I know, I end up having to take my charger and then finding random places in the restaurant to charge it up! Thanks for stopping by The Tale of Mummyhood #coolmumclub

  1. ljdove23 says:

    Definitely get someone to watch the kids!! My girls especially are obsessed with “helping” me to get ready, which means messing with my make up, my clothes, my jewellery and generally getting in the way! Great tips! #Brilliantblogpost

    • Sunita says:

      Hey Five Little Doves. Yep our little helpers love messing up our outfits (and also trying on our make up when we’re not looking!) Fab you loved the top tips. #brillblogposts

  2. motherhoodtherealdeal says:

    Number 3 is a biggie! I usually try to know what I am wearing the night before because usually I have all of 5 mins to get ready out the door – potential disaster every time! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

  3. rockandrosesmama says:

    Thank you Ill need these next week… my first ‘mummy night out’ with my fellow mama clan for a long long time! When I’m off to the pub though for a gig or something I do always make sure I’m dressed/makeuped before I pop the little man to bed! Great tips thanks <3 #brilliantblogposts

  4. dearbearandbeany says:

    I don’t get many nights out and I definitely need some tips! I usually leave what I am wearing to the last minute and this is a big mistake. Alice likes to watch me get ready and is fascinated by the whole thing. Hopefully as the girls get older, a night out will become more regular. x #KCACOLS

    • Sunita says:

      Hey Dearbearandbeany. Yep nights out are rare! I have to make the most of the whole outing and opportunity to be wearing something I wouldn’t normally get to wear. Not that I head out in cocktail dresses or ballgowns or anything! So lovely to hear your little Alice has fun watching you get ready. #KCACOLS

  5. Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) says:

    Lovely tips! I can’t remember the last time I went out in the evening for something that wasn’t work related, but with that I try to keep getting ready as low key as possible because my toddler will kick up a huge fuss if I come in and go back out again. The best way is to get out the door and half way down the street before she realises! 🙂 #KCACOLS

  6. The Unsung Mum says:

    My goodness i can’t remember the last time i had a night out without the kids or even a date night! Back when the youngest was born we promised to start going out just once a month by ourselves but it just hasn’t happened! There’s some great tips here. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  7. tashasface says:

    Great post! I usually end up 1. stressed 2.a mess and 3. late.

    I have an inquisitive toddler so I teach him his shapes while I’m getting ready: Pass mummy the “square” (compact powder), the “circle” (Vaseline), the “rectangle” (eyeshadow palette), please. Sometimes it works!

  8. Winnettes says:

    Great advise! I’m a massive planner and since kids that has become worse. I have worked out I usually need two outfits ready, the one I intend on wearing and the one I will wear just in case the first outfit doesn’t feel right. I swear since the girls my body changes shape everyday. I also give myself an extra hour to get ready in case I get delayed and I have never not needed it in the past 3 years.

    • Sunita says:

      Amazing idea about having two outfits ready! I usually have a few choices and then it’s a last minute decision when time is running out!! An extra hour to get ready sounds good! See you again at #KCACOLS

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