Seven tips on getting ready for a mummy night out 

Pre-kids I’d be out a few times a week in the evenings. Whether it was dinner outings, work events, dancing to our favourite DJs’ tracks in clubs or parties, the week always involved a good night out. Now I’m a mama, things are obviously different. So when I do have a night out I need to be organised as I can be. The getting ready part of a night out is important to me. I want to feel great about what I’m wearing. It’s a bit of free pampering and me-time. It’s what I call a me-treat. This means I have to be a bit organised (note: just a bit and nothing goes to plan). I can’t always do night outs so sometimes I plan outings with friends at the weekends for a few hours. So here’s 7 tips on getting ready for a mum night (or morning/afternoon) out… Continue reading

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