Why it’s good to get people together – the first Lucky Things Meet Up

img_8132On a Sunday morning back in September, I realised that I wanted to get people together. A chance to hang out with some of the ladies who I’d linked up with via Lucky Things blog, Twitter and Instagram. It had to be in October. November felt too far away. As everyone was so responsive to the Lucky Things Meet Up idea, it felt easy to organise. Venue booked. E-invites sent out. Treats organised. The first Lucky Things Meet Up, to be held at Drake and Morgan’s The Drift Bar on a Sunday afternoon, was starting to come together.

Don’t forget to check out the follow-up post The Lucky Things Meet Up in Pictures.

Here’s more than seven things why I organised the meet up…

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Seven tips on getting ready for a mummy night out 

Pre-kids I’d be out a few times a week in the evenings. Whether it was dinner outings, work events, dancing to our favourite DJs’ tracks in clubs or parties, the week always involved a good night out. Now I’m a mama, things are obviously different. So when I do have a night out I need to be organised as I can be. The getting ready part of a night out is important to me. I want to feel great about what I’m wearing. It’s a bit of free pampering and me-time. It’s what I call a me-treat. This means I have to be a bit organised (note: just a bit and nothing goes to plan). I can’t always do night outs so sometimes I plan outings with friends at the weekends for a few hours. So here’s 7 tips on getting ready for a mum night (or morning/afternoon) out… Continue reading

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