Lucky Things Inspire: An interview with Yvonne from KemiKids

It’s very easy to not feel good enough for this or good enough for that. Self-doubt is a common feeling  even for the most positive and confident people around us. I first came across Yvonne and her amazing work on Instagram. We started chatting through comments on each others’ InstaFeeds and through our lovely mutual connections on Instagram. You probably know that I’m a fan of bright colours and how important they are in my everyday life. Yvonne’s InstaPics always brighten up my day. Her comments are real, human but also glow with encouragement and positivity.

Even before they started charging peeps for carrier bags, I always loved a good tote bag. Yvonne from KemiKids created a tote that loves you back! They are 100% feel good. But KemiKids isn’t just about totes. Her blog features some great articles which remind parents to feel “good enough” and has also set up KemiKids Mothers Club. So it was a pleasure to interview Yvonne for the Inspire series on Lucky Things blog. Here’s what Yvonne had to say about the power of slogans, taking something away from tough experiences and good old pop music…

Hi Yvonne, what do you love about where you live ? I live in a townhouse in leafy Carshalton Beeches. My favourite things about my home are; the building is tucked away in a place a lot of people don’t know exists.  My home is easy to maintain which is a good thing. Finally, it is spacious, square and very 60s. The area is good for families and schools. I live with my husband John and our daughters, Ola and Lore.

What encouraged you to set up KemiKids and your tote bags adventure?  KemiKids was set up October 2015. The idea behind KemiKids was for parents to share parenting tips that worked for them with other parents. However, this has now changed.  KemiKids is now a place where mothers come to when they want to have meaningful conversations about how to be the best version of themselves.  The slogans on our tote bags are  just statements of what KemiKids is all about. Our goal is to encourage women to be who they are created to be and nobody else.  yvonne-1-3-of-4

So were there any challenges when trying get it going?   With many great blogs out there, the only challenge I had was getting the website known to mums.

Tell me a bit more about the inspiration behind KemiKids/your tote bags?  The lessons from mine and other women’s life experiences inspired me. We all have the same experiences, they just come in different wrappings.

For you, what’s the best thing about setting up KemiKids? The best thing is having an idea and bringing it to life. KemiKids is my full-time job.

How about parents and carers who want to encourage their little people to be feel good about themselves, what advice do you have for them?  My advice is for the parents and carers to feel good about themselves first and the little people will learn from them.

As we both know, life isn’t always easy. What’s your motto when things get a bit tough for you?  When things get tough, I ask myself, what is the experience here to teach me?

What’s your favourite childhood memory? Sitting outside at night time  and listening to my mum tell folk tales.

What have your two daughters taught you about life? My daughters have taught me that I can’t parent them unless I deal with my issues. They have taught me to parent myself first in order to be able to parent them.

Working and juggling family life isn’t always straightforward. What are your 3 tips for staying organised as a working parent?  I have two; discipline and focus. I am still learning as I get easily distracted.

What would your dream weekend be if you’re on your own? And if you’re with your family? On my own, I’d love to read and sleep. With my family, I’d love to just stay at home with them. No commitments whatsoever.


Say you were given time and a deal to write a book, what would it be about? My life. I have had an interesting life.

I love your outfits! What are some of your favourite items in your wardrobe? This is hard. I collect vintage clothes and they are all so special to me.

What music and tunes are you listening to at the moment? I listen to a lot of Capital FM because my daughters love pop music. I enjoy playing  Ooh, Baby, I Love Your Way by Big Mountain to my children.

And how about the tunes you remember listening to when you were growing up? I listened to a lot of Juju music such as the music of Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade.

Before we say bye for now, what are your three lucky things?  Vintage clothes, books and food.


I hope you enjoy reading this Inspire interview, there are many more on their way. Let me know what you think and leave a little comment below. Have you had any “I’m good enough!” moments recently? When have you had to remind yourself that you’re “good enough”?

Please check out when you get a chance. One of my favourite articles is the one on her daughters’ daddy – John. This was a touching article for me to read as I missed out on seeing my own dad for a very very long time.

Yvonne also runs KemiKids Mothers Clubs events if you’re ever around Carshalton in Surrey. She even arranges mummy/grandma/aunty/carer and daughter afternoon discos in SW London (you know I’d be down there in a flash to brush up on my dance moves with my girls!).

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