Inspire: Seven things I learned from Melanie C


It was great hearing Melanie C‘s talk at Stylist Live. It was one talk I couldn’t miss. It was just over twenty years ago when The Spice Girls first came onto the scene. They changed the world of girl pop forever. I always rated Melanic C as she was also a big fan of tracksuits and trainers. Here’s seven things I learned from Melanie C that afternoon…


1. Sometimes it’s about simplicity…We heard more about the move from Mel C to Melanie C over the years. Melanie C talked about her new brand, right down to the font on her new album. She loves its simplicity, honesty and that it still has a feminine touch. I really like that it’s modern and strong.

2. Everyone needs a good team…Melanie C talked about how she can’t be across everything so she relies a lot on her small team. Whether your team is at work, your family, your friends or your business network – everyone needs support from others to achieve stuff. It’s impossible to do everything yourself.

3. Balancing work and family can be hard…Melanie C was totally honest that things are never perfect when juggling work commitments. She stressed the importance of making time for her seven-year old daughter. It was nice to hear that there was a five year gap in-between albums so she didn’t have to travel so much and be away from her daughter. It’s sweet to know her daughter loves that her mummy is a singer. If only my daughters loved my singing that much…


4. Making big decisions…Sometimes you have to make big decisions which are right for you and for that time in your life. You’re conscious that others may have different preferences for you but it’s important to follow what you want and feel is right.

5. Independence is empowering…Melanie C has achieved some great things as a business woman as well as an artist. She set up her own record label in 2005 so she could have more control over her work. This reminded me of the many people I’ve featured on the Lucky Things Inspire series who have set up their own businesses or followed creative adventures. Respect.

6. Everyone has to work hard to be successful...Melanie C reminded us how hard The Spice Girls worked. Something that’s easy to forget about celebrities and people in the music industry.

7. The Spice Girls were more than a pop band…I’ve never thought about this before but impact The Spice Girls had on a particular generation (mine!) was pretty incredible. They inspired girls and teenagers at the time to be bold and have their own goals. It was also OK to be different. Their individual legends live on. It’s cool to know they all branched off and did their own thing. Melanie C acknowledged that so many fans went on to be great women whether they’re now mums, building amazing careers or both.

It was a real treat saying hello to Melanie C after her talk. She has a great energy about her and not just a sporty one.

Melanie C’s new album A Version of Me is out on Red Girl records on Friday 21 October 2016. Go check out her lyrics when you can.


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23 thoughts on “Inspire: Seven things I learned from Melanie C

  1. ourrachblogs says:

    Great post. I was a HUGE Spice Girls fan as I was 10 when they burst onto the music scene so was the perfect age for a bit of girl power! However, I was a little bit disappointed to read an article where she was quoted criticising how Little Mix dress. I feel like she has a short term memory when it comes to some of the photo shoots SG took part in back in the day and indeed some of the photo shoots she has done herself too. #brillblogposts

    • Sunita says:

      Ah cheers for reading Rach. Ten years old is a perfect age for girl power!! That’s interesting about the style of other pop girl groups. See you again on #brillblogposts

    • Sunita says:

      Ah that’s so cool Donna. Hope you liked my snippets from Melanie C’s talk. I think celebrities have it hard sometimes. People don’t realise they’re normal people like us and go through similar stuff. #coolmumclub

  2. Mim Jenkinson says:

    I’m beyond jealous that you got to meet Mel C! Sorry, Melanie ha! I was SUCH a big Spice Girls fan, well I still am. I love the learnings you took from her and I completely agree with so many. Especially about having a great team. Good people can get you through so much in life x #brilliantblogposts

  3. mummuddlingthrough says:

    Melanie C, now that is one cool Mum. I loved reading this Sunita, and have to agree with Melanie. The spice girls empowered a whole generation of women to believe they can achieve whatever they want. I have really enjoyed watching them all grow up into successful, powerful role models, breaking free from their stereotype ‘Spice names’.
    Girl Power.
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

    • Sunita says:

      Ah thanks MMT. It was a fab talk and she loved answering my question on confidence too. Will be sharing that tip on another post! Looking back they had a huge influence on so many girls around the world. You’re right. They’re powerful role models. Lovely hanging out at the #coolmumclub

  4. tootingmama says:

    Wow 20 years since the Spice Girls and Girl Power! We so need Girl Power back. Mel C was the cool one, the one that could sing, great to see she’s still there powering away! I’ve got Wannabe in my head now!

  5. niapattenlooks says:

    Great post. Nice to know a bit more about Mel C. It’s great that she could take time out for her daughter. The spice girls were important for women I think but at the time it just seemed like fun x #mumsthatslay

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