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If you’ve seen my earlier post on Seven things I learned from Melanie C, you’ll know that Stylist Live was full of inspiration. About this time last year when I told my two friends C and B that I wanted to start a blog. They both independently said I should go and check out the blog called The Frugality. From my first read, I loved what Alex’s blog stood for – affordable style and a passion for sharing the latest high street bargains with everyone. At Stylist Live, Alex did a talk on How to turn your blog into a brand and stay authentic. Here’s seven top blogging tips I was keen to share from Alex’s talk…


  1. Blogging gives you freedom...You can write about what you want on your blog. Alex talked about how she could suddenly just write a blog post and next thing she knows it’s up online. Blogging is about letting people know you have something to say.
  2. Content is queen…As Alex says, if you produce good content then people will keep coming back to your blog. Also when you write your blog post, think about if your readers are going to find it interesting or useful. What is your reader going to get out of the blog post? Putting yourself in the shoes of the reader is a great bit of advice.
  3. Schedule!…If you’re like Alex and have too many ideas, it’s good to schedule posts. She writes her blog posts on a Word document first.
  4. Growing your following…If you want to attract more followers, put yourself out there and use platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to promote your blog. Bear in mind that Twitter, Instagram and Facebook may attract different kinds of readers.
  5. Engage with people…If people retweet or like your blog posts, follow them back! Alex talked about how the number of followers isn’t the be all and end all, as for her it’s more important to have proper engagement with followers. She also talked about replying to comments whether this is on her blog or Instagram.
  6. Best piece of blogger kit to invest in?…Alex says it’s a decent camera. She loves her Olympus Pen which I know is popular with lots of other bloggers. Although smartphones have great cameras, she highlighted that it may be the photos which makes your blog stand out. Alex went on a photography course but stressed that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take nice photos.
  7. How to keep your blog authentic?…I loved what Alex said about morals will shine through your writing. She said this is really important in a digital landscape. She also reminded us that she does buy a lot of her own clothes. She is also frugal with her food shopping and loves the cheaper supermarkets. She’s not bothered about showing her face in photos as she knows her readers are more interested in the clothes rather than her and she can get away without putting on make up!

It was so nice meeting Alex after her Stylist Live talk. As one of my favourite style-fashion bloggers, it was great to see first-hand how down-to-earth Alex is. She’s an everyday girl just like us.

We chatted about my yellow pleated skirt (you may have seen it dotted around my Instagram). I know quite a few readers and Instagram followers have been asking about this yellow skirt. I bought mine from Gorman in Australia  but style-newsflash as Alex found a velvet version in Topshop the other week (and it’s £55). Thank goodness for Alex and her frugal fashion finds as we now know a version of this skirt now exists on the high street in the UK.

Don’t forget to check out Alex’s blog at

Or on Instagram @thefrugality

Or Twitter@TheFrugality

And not forgetting Facebook @TheFrugality

What do you think about Alex’s blogger tips? Do you have any favourite fashion bloggers? What do you love about their blogs? What do you find helpful when looking at fashion blogs? Go on, leave a comment below…

See you again soon Lucky Things crew, Sunita x

P.S. Shout out to @JessieVShearling who took the pic of me and Alex x

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4 thoughts on “Blogger: Seven top tips for bloggers from Alex at The Frugality

  1. The Pramshed says:

    There are some great tips here, and I think that the most important tips are staying true to yourself and why you started blogging to begin with. Content is definitely King (Queen) and the more you post, the more traffic your blog with receive. Since I’ve dropped down on the number of blog posts a week, I’ve seen a drop in my traffic, which I’m trying to grow again. I love the yellow skirt by the way! Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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