Lucky Things will be at BritMums Live 2016 (me-treat time)

Hello Lucky Things crew. So I’m getting ready to head off to BritMums Live 2016 at the end of June. You may be wondering what is this and where am I going? Well, it’s one of the UK’s biggest conferences for the blogging community. There will be about 500 bloggers mingling and chatting away with lots of cool workshops to check out during the day. It also rounds off with the Brilliance in Blogging Awards ceremony (one day….).

It’s also a real me-treat for me as I get to spend a whole day meeting fun people and learning more about how I can make Lucky Things great for my followers. Love the fact I’m getting to invest in myself a bit, my blog skills and Lucky Things. Plus, it’s at one of my favourite venues The Brewery in London. I helped out with a leadership course at The Brewery when I was bumped up with Toddler Munch so although I won’t know anyone (yet) it’s cool I’ll be heading back to a familiar place.

BritMums wanted to give us bloggers the chance to introduce ourselves online before the event where we have to answer 7 questions. Funny as usually I’m asking others 7 questions to answer for Lucky Things posts. So here’s my intro for the I’m going to #BML16 linky (it’s like a collection of different blog posts all in one place).

My name: Sunita

My blog: Lucky Things A life and style parenting blog, sharing all kinds of lucky things.

Find me on social media at: 




How I look:

Always wearing bright colours and usually armed with accessories (gold or sparkly), I love feeling good in what I’m wearing. Toddler Munch loves my long hair and her latest thing is trying to give me Frozen’s Elsa type plaits. I went for the chop after Toddler Munch was born and then missed my long locks way too much. If I’m not too tired, I’m often wearing a friendly smile too. Here I am…

IMG_5821Is this my first blogging event?

It sure is. I remember reading about last year’s Brit Mums conference when I first published Lucky Things in the Autumn of 2015. I’d just come out of the baby blues and at the time I thought, “it’s time to do something creative and you never know, one day I’ll be sitting around a table at a proper bloggers’ conference”. My motto at the moment is “better to go for things rather than waiting for things to happen to you”.

I don’t know anyone else who’s going to #BML16 so let’s hope someone spots that I’m hanging about on my own and let’s me hang out with them for a bit. Maybe it will help that I’ll look a bit nervous so others will know I’m a newbie! Thank goodness for #BML16’s I’m Going Linky. At least I’ve had a chance to let other bloggers know a bit more about me before the big event. Fellow bloggers seem pretty nice and supportive so it’s exciting that I’ll get to meet lots of new faces. Watch out guys, at the awards ceremony don’t be surprised if I share a few happy tears for the winners (similar to when I’m watching the X Factor final). I love seeing people getting the recognition for all their creativity and hard work whatever they do in life.

So all in all, I’m proud I took the plunge, set up the blog I wanted to set up years ago and now I’m off to BritMums Live #BML16 next month…

I will be wearing…

Probably jeans and metallics on the Friday night. I’ll keep the metallics simple so I don’t look like a spaceship. For the all day event on Saturday, maybe a dress, my lucky birdy earrings (Toddler Munch loves these on me – as featured on the Lucky Things logo) and bright coloured shoes. I’m thinking flats for the Saturday as for me comfortable can still feel a bit glam. But June is not bringing the summery weather I’d hoped for so please don’t let me bring out the tights again. As always, I love planning my outfits but also love last-minute changes! No doubt there will be a few Insta pics popping up from the day. Let’s see what I turn up in….

What I hope to gain from #BML16:

There will be lots of lucky things to look forward to at #BML 2016. No doubt, I’ll leave inspired by other bloggers’ amazing work and creativity. I reckon the awards ceremony on the Saturday night will be pretty energising (as well as a bit emotional) as we get to hear about talented bloggers. I love hearing about other people’s successes. I know I’ll leave with lots of professional and social media tips. Best of all, I really hope I’ll have the chance to build a mini network of co-bloggers for on-going encouragement and support as the Lucky Things blog grows. So go on, say hello to me if you spot me amongst the crowd.

My tips for a great conference:

  1. Don’t be afraid to say hello and introduce yourself. Most people will be happy to chat to a new face and if they happen to be busy amongst their own mini-crew, there will be always someone else nearby to chat to. Don’t forget to add yourself to this linky so you can also introduce yourself online before turning up at The Brewery.
  2. Talk proudly of  your own blog and it’s achievements, however big or small.We’ve all worked so hard on them as well as juggling jobs, little ones, families, meals, tidy-up chores, our own interests (if we have time) and numerous to-do lists.
  3. Plan ahead what you want to get out of the day as you’ll get something out of every coffee break or know-how session. I have some questions ready for other bloggers (some fun ones as well as professional advice ones). Maybe it’s baby brain but I’ll be armed with my iPhone (full-battery please) or my bright little notebook so I can jot down some great tips, inspiring quotes, Twitter names and new blog pages to check out.

Oh and one more, smile! Smiles are contagious…

Maybe hear from you before the conference if you feel like saying hello. Enjoy Lucky Things….Sunita x

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4 thoughts on “Lucky Things will be at BritMums Live 2016 (me-treat time)

  1. sunloveraliciareg says:

    I know this is an older post but I found it an interesting read! You’re so inspiring, and have so many tips on building up confidence! (You might not even realise this!) Thanks for your support as well Sunita. Big loves, Alicia xx

  2. Sunita says:

    Right then lady, I hope you’re able to pick up a ticket. They’re on sale now. Feels a bit pricey but it’s so worth it. As you know from my post about BritMums I threw myself in at the deep end but had a blast meeting so many lovely people. BlogFest is for all kinds of bloggers too and they have some really cool talks. Message me if you can’t find the link! Saturday 12 November. Plus we will get to hang out together X

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