Lucky Things will be at BritMums Live 2016 (me-treat time)

Hello Lucky Things crew. So I’m getting ready to head off to BritMums Live 2016 at the end of June. You may be wondering what is this and where am I going? Well, it’s one of the UK’s biggest conferences for the blogging community. There will be about 500 bloggers mingling and chatting away with lots of cool workshops to check out during the day. It also rounds off with the Brilliance in Blogging Awards ceremony (one day….).

It’s also a real me-treat for me as I get to spend a whole day meeting fun people and learning more about how I can make Lucky Things great for my followers. Love the fact I’m getting to invest in myself a bit, my blog skills and Lucky Things. Plus, it’s at one of my favourite venues The Brewery in London. I helped out with a leadership course at The Brewery when I was bumped up with Toddler Munch so although I won’t know anyone (yet) it’s cool I’ll be heading back to a familiar place.

BritMums wanted to give us bloggers the chance to introduce ourselves online before the event where we have to answer 7 questions. Funny as usually I’m asking others 7 questions to answer for Lucky Things posts. So here’s my intro for the I’m going to #BML16 linky (it’s like a collection of different blog posts all in one place). Continue reading

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