Fun at the Flower Cafe by artist Takashi Murakami, Tokyo


2015 ended with an amazing time seeing family in Melbourne and 2016 kicked off with a very content welcome to the beautiful city of Tokyo. We know we’re lucky things being able to travel across the world and especially with the little ones. More blog posts to follow on how to make long haul work for you and the little ones plus blog features on exploring Melbourne, Singapore and Tokyo.

The other day we explored a city within a city with the little ones, heading to Ropponghi Hills in Tokyo.After 17 years of design, construction extraordinaire Minoru Miro opened this urban abyss in 2003. ¬†Miro Tower’s 54 floors reach up into the sky overlooking the stores and eateries below.

Staying on ground level to start off with we popped along to Hills Cafe Space, which is currently decorated by Takashi Murakami and just about covered floor to ceiling with his happy flowers.

He has even helped to design the menu and the cafe’s flowery interior is around until 31 January 2016. ¬†

Murakami’s cartoon characters also hang from the ceiling. Each play an important part in their team as they complete their mission. Their cute biographies are dotted around the cafe so you can learn about their different personalities. I loved the sound of Myan Myan. She’s into yoga and apologises if she seems distracted at times, she’s just meditating! Baby Munch loved watching these characters twirl around and around on the ceiling.Toddler Munch couldn’t believe her eyes when she woke up from her buggy nap to a chilled bunny floating in the air.

The menu was great. Good portions for a fun cafe. Super kiddy friendly and also catered for colleagues catch ups. Whilst I went for some fried chicken (could have been viewed as either fancier KFC or just Japanese katsu style) Mr H went for the tuna salad and melba toast.

All in all a happy pit stop before we headed to the Mori Museum to browse Takashi Murakami’s incredible exhibition The 500 Arhats. His mate Pharrell flew over to Tokyo to check it out before the official opening.We don’t blame you for doing that Pharrell as we all loved gazing at his incredible muriels. Beautiful colours and details were super cool. Surely this Murakami must be inspiring some of the world’s street artists.

Watch out for the next blog post on his amazing collection of shiny work and intricate lengthy muriels. Happy like the flowers to have discovered Murakami’s work…enjoy lucky things during your January.

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