Why you will always be our Baby Munch – from baby to toddler

What can I say the past 18 months have flown by. About a month ago, Baby Munch started walking. I loved it that she learned to dance before walking. That’s my girl! When you aren’t planning to have any more children (or aren’t able to) having your last baby generates lots of interesting feelings.

So good news for Baby Munch, I mean Toddler Munch, as she’s loving this promotion and next phase of her life. I interviewed her recently over a bowl of rice cakes on why she’s loving life as a toddler:img_6880

So Toddler Munch, thanks for making time in your busy schedule to appear on Lucky Things Blog today. I know we haven’t got long before you kick off and want to do something else. Tell me one of your favourite things about being a toddler.

Well as Destiny’s Child sing All the women, who are independent,
Throw your hands up at me! 
There are so many things I didn’t realise I could do.

Your dance moves have got a good bounce to them. What do you love about dancing?

Yeah, I’ve got the moves ! Get down! As James Brown used to say. Play a tune with decent beats and I’ll bop away. I feel proud when I dance. Mummy loves dancing too but I could teach her a few things.

So, what’s your favourite tune to dance to at the moment?

Oh it has to be Michael Jackson’s Beat It. Mummy and Daddy put on lounge discos (I’m always on the guest list) and when that tune comes on big moves happen…Did you see that clip of us dancing on Mummy’s Instagram entry for the recent Style Me Sunday #WarriorWomanProject?

What’s the cutest thing Mummy and Daddy have found you doing?

How long have you got? There are loads! OK, one thing is when I started to try to put my own shoes for the first time last week. I could see Mummy’s heart melting as she realised I’m not a baby anymore.

What’s one of the things you’ve discovered in the house (that maybe you shouldn’t have)?

You know, me and my sister Big Munch have been pretty good about the cupboard thing. We rarely go into them. But there’s a corner cupboard that I’ve found in the kitchen. It’s where Mummy keeps my baked beans snap pots. I love them! Oh and stairs. I’ve mastered climbing them now. Just need to work on going down…

What frustrates you about being a toddler?

Well, I’m learning heaps right but I can’t always do things first time. I have to keep trying. Sometimes I’m not in the mood. So I leave things and come back to them another time. It’s also a handy tip for Mummy – she can’t do everything!

Oh ok, thanks for the advice I’ll bear that in mind. How do you express yourself when you get annoyed then?

I growl!! For those who hung out with me lots during mummy’s maternity leave (shout out to my toddler crew, O, N, S, and C!) I had this unique dinosaur-tiger growl.I was well-known for this dinosaur noise in the local baby groups. It was my thing. So I’ve always been a growler and now I do this really loud when I’m annoyed or waiting too long for something. You’ve got to express yourself as a toddler somehow right?

Is there anything that scares you about being a toddler?

No! Of course not, I’m fearless. At mummy’s talk on confidence the other day, her Instapal Tamu (@Motherhood_RX) said fearless was one word that described confidence. Too right! I’m definitely more of a climber than my big sister was at my age. Actually come to think about it, I think I’m going through a bit of separation anxiety at times so always feel a little scared when mummy and daddy leave the room. I secretly know they’re coming back though.

I miss loads of things about you being a baby, what do you miss about being a baby?

Hmm, guess it’s got to be just watching the world go by and taking everything in. I meditated a lot when I was a newborn. I have the guide to mindfulness for babies, I really recommend it. Now my to-do-list is really long and there are so many things I have to get on with each day – organising my IKEA kitchen cupboard, making tea for my teddies, folding my clothes, following my Big Sister everywhere (sometimes this annoys her but she’s stuck with me) and eating! There’s not enough time in the day so I have to keep on top of things. It’s not easy is it?

Before we head out to the park, what are you most excited about now you’re a toddler?

Well, I love being my own person. We’re all different, we all have different experiences. I’m becoming ME and I know I have lots to look forward to.

So, thanks Toddler Munch who will always be Baby Munch to me. Maybe we will hear from you another time…

What are some of your favourite toddler-childhood moments? If you have little ones, what are some of the cheekiest things your toddler has got up to? What are some of your favourite memories of them as a baby? How did you feel when your baby officially became a toddler? Leave a comment below and share the baby to toddler love…

See you again soon Lucky Things crew xx

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4 thoughts on “Why you will always be our Baby Munch – from baby to toddler

  1. Fej says:

    That is soo cute loving the interview!
    Nia did a similar growl the other day and I immediately remembered her friends’ signature growl!!

    • Sunita says:

      Ah so lovely to see you name pop up on the blog Fej. We had fun on our mat leave didn’t we. So happy I met you guys. The girls will all have to get together soon (and us too!) love it that Nia has also mastered a good growl. Toddler Munch is so happy to have one of her besties at nursery with her. Have a lovely day gorgeous xxx

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