Parenting: What does confidence look like for children by Livvy Gormally, Let’s Ask Livvy (part 1)

On Lucky Things blog, we talk a fair bit about confidence. It’s something that comes and goes and impacts all of us. So what about confidence for our children? I met Livvy Gormally a few months ago when she shared her top tips on managing routines. Livvy is a children’s behaviour expert, applied behaviour analysis (ABA) consultant and parenting coach. I asked her to share some top tips on how we can help our kids to feel confident. Over to Livvy for part 1 of her guest post… Continue reading

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Things we love about grandparents 

My parents came over to the UK in their early twenties, leaving their families in Mauritius. Growing up, one of the things I feel I missed out on was having grandparents nearby. Our parents took us to Mauritius every couple of years so I was able to see my grandparents on my mum’s side. My Dad’s mum passed away before I was born. Continue reading

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Celebrate your culture

How do you describe your culture? Culture can be about the way we live, who we are, our religious roots or who we want to be. It’s also about traditions, whether they’re annual or everyday, formal or informal. This weekend we will be celebrating Diwali -our Hindu new year and festival of light. As part of my degree, our geography lecturer talked about youth cultures and street art. This was a completely different side to the definition of culture I grew up with. I loved growing my own youth culture. When I was much younger, culture was about… Continue reading

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Why you will always be our Baby Munch – from baby to toddler

What can I say the past 18 months have flown by. About a month ago, Baby Munch started walking. I loved it that she learned to dance before walking. That’s my girl! When you aren’t planning to have any more children (or aren’t able to) having your last baby generates lots of interesting feelings.

So good news for Baby Munch, I mean Toddler Munch, as she’s loving this promotion and next phase of her life. I interviewed her recently over a bowl of rice cakes on why she’s loving life as a toddler:img_6880

Continue reading

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Seven things I wish for my two girls to celebrate International Day of the Girl

11 October 2016 was International Day of the Girl . A day set up by the Unicef to raise awareness of how gender inequality sadly impacts girls from a young age across the globe and in so many communities. So in honour of International Day of the Girl, I’ve popped up a post for my two girls. They are the two best friends who I never imagined would actually be here. If you’ve read or heard anything about our IVF journey, you’ll know more about the 10% figure. My girls were in that 10%. They little warriors (like most kids). They have also helped me to be the resilient mama I am. Here are seven things I wish for you both. I hope you enjoy reading this one day… Continue reading

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