Lucky Things Baby: Updating baby’s bedroom with Bambella Designs UK

Baby Munch is now over  a year old and I refuse to call her anything but a baby. Since she turned one, I’ve been meaning to redecorate or restyle her nursery (I guess I should be calling it her bedroom now). When we visited Australia last Christmas, I discovered lots of amazing baby brands over there.

Bambella Designs UK also originates from Australia. The founder, Jasmine Vanstone, was a social worker looking out for children before she decided to focus on designing and selling contemporary accessories for babies and small children. In Australia, Bambella Designs is known as one of the most fashionable brands for stroller accessories.

Baby Munch and I were recently sent some beautiful baby accessories from Bambella Designs UK to review. So this was a nice opportunity to update Baby Munch’s bedroom with a few touches.

Our Golden Deer Timber Valley Playmat

We loved receiving a Bambella playmat in the Golden Deer Timber Valley design. Just like their mummy, Baby Munch and her big sister Big Munch also accessorise with a touch of gold. The playmat matches Baby Munch’s bedroom perfectly. Baby Munch is actually quite happy to sit fairly still and play with her toys (let’s see how long that lasts). It’s nice she now has her own playmat. Here’s what we love about the playmat from Bambella Designs UK…

Perfect from newborn days. I wish I had one of these when Baby Munch was a newborn. So I’d recommend picking one up as a baby gift or treat for your baby when they’re born. It’s 1 metre in diameter so great for babies on the move too._MG_6092

It’s super-soft. It’s made out of 100% cotton. The mat is slightly padded which works well for us as we have wooden floors downstairs._MG_6026

The designs are great. The Golden Deer design is very neutral and there’s something comforting about the colours.It would work well for baby girls or boys._MG_6110

It’s super-portable. We can easily take it around with us especially when we’re out and about or visiting friends and family at their houses. It can easily fit in a changing bag or rucksack. It’s nice that Baby Munch has one of her home comforts with her when we stay at friends for the weekends._MG_6031

It comes with it’s own pouch (just like the kangaroo in the photos!)  It’s handy you have something to put it away in to keep it clean when you’re out and about. I’m tempted to use this pouch bag for other things as the design is so nice._MG_6005

It also works well as a rug. When Baby Munch isn’t using her playmat, it looks lovely on her bedroom floor. It’s also not as edible as the sheepskin rug  she used to have in her nursery!_MG_6064It washes really well. I wouldn’t put it in the tumble dryer but it dries well on it’s own. I’m sure it will need to go into the wash more as we will be using it quite a bit. They are great quality.

Golden Deer Timber Valley playmat, £39.99 from Bambella Designs UK 

Our Arrows Grey fitted cot bed sheet

Again it’s nice that the sheet is a neutral colour. At last I’ve found somewhere who makes cot bed sheets with pretty modern patterns._MG_6010

The cot bed sheet is also great quality as it’s made out of 100% cotton. The material doesn’t feel too thin like some other cot bed sheets so I think this is going to do well in the wash._MG_6076

Both of the girls have always had brushed jersey cotton bed sheets but the 100% cotton sheets by Bambella are equally as soft and comfortable._MG_6104

As you’ll spot from the photos, Baby Munch’s favourite cat coordinates perfectly with her new bed sheet!

Arrows Grey fitted cot bed sheet, £27.99 from Bambella Designs UK

Our Chevron Pink pram blanket  

It’s funny as when I was pregnant with my first baby girl I promised myself that I wouldn’t fill her wardrobe or her bedroom with pink. Well, three years later there is definitely a lot of pink in this house so I’ve learned to embrace it. Hey, Big Munch has even inspired me to wear hot pink tops, skirts and lipstick! So it’s lovely having a dash of pink in their bedrooms. _MG_6115

I love the length of this pram blanket as it keeps Baby Munch long legs snuggly. One side is 100% cotton and the lining is a soft minky material so it’s really soft on her skin. It’s also important she has blankets made of the right material as she suffers from eczema._MG_6117

It’s all about carrying things which are light these days. Compared to the big woolly blankets I used to pop on the stroller, the one from Bambella Designs is lightweight but still warm. I love how this blanket folds up small so can easily be tucked away in the basket of our BabyZen YoYo stroller. This blanket is also a handy play mat and we used it on a recent picnic.

Although this pram blanket was sent for Baby Munch to review, Big Munch has confirmed that it is her blanket. When she’s up for sharing, Baby Munch loves snuggling up to her Bambella Designs pram blanket on the chilly morning walks to nursery.

Pram blanket, chevron pink, £29.99 from Bambella Designs UK

So if you’re looking for some new baby accessories, check out Bambella Designs UK. They also do supermarket trolley liners, car seat liners and stroller liners. You may have seen our new black and gold stroller liner from Bambella on Instagram or Twitter.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Bambella Designs UK where all of the above mentioned accessories were provided free of charge for the review. Thank you to Bambella Designs UK for working with Lucky Things on this post. All opinions and photos are my own.

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  1. reimerandruby says:

    I love the designs and the colors of these bedroom accessories. I wish I had them when my kids were still babies as they’re adorable. #KCACOLS

    • Sunita says:

      Thanks. The playmat is lovely and matches baby’s room perfectly! Bambella do some great modern prints for their baby accessories. We leave it out in her room most days. I love taking it out and about with us too. Thanks for stopping by #KCACOLS

  2. Memeandharri says:

    Oh I love these bits especially the pram blanket. My baby is due in December and iv promised myself I’m going to get a nice blanket so I will keep this in mind. #kcacols

    • Sunita says:

      Oh have fun finding some nice things for your new baby. The pram blanket is lovely, the minky side is so so cuddly. Congratulations. Hope you and bump are doing well. #KCACOLS

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