Lucky Things Kids: Off to Willows Activity Farm, St Albans, Hertfordshire

It was lovely taking three-year old Big Munch to Willows Activity Farm last Saturday. We had a nice daughter-mummy date. Every so often I make sure we have time just the two of us. As we’re based in North London, Willows Activity Farm is just a twenty-minute drive away. We also met some friends there which was fun. There is so much for the little ones to explore and it’s a place that’s fun for kids of all ages. Here’s 7 things we loved about Willows Activity Farm… Continue reading

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Lucky Things Film: 7 things I learned from Bad Moms

So if you liked The Hangover, go check out Bad Moms. I was a bit sceptical at first. Would it be too cheesy for me? Nope. I’m warning you now, take your tissues as you’ll be in tears throughout (as you’ll be laughing so much). One of my favourite actresses is in Bad Moms, Mila Kunis  (Amy) who is her usual hilarious self. I’ve always rated her since I saw her in Best Friends with gold old talented Justin Timberlake.

My mum friend and I were guests at one of our local Everyman Cinemas (thanks to the Everyman crew for looking after us so well). We could have been Bad Moms and treated ourselves to lots of cocktails or large glasses of wine. Instead, to keep my sweet tooth happy, we tried out their milkshakes. They were basically desserts in a glass jar, perfect for our me-treat night out as friends. The seating areas at Everyman Cinemas are legendary. So the two of us had a nice catch up before heading into the screen. Continue reading

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Our IVF journey (part 2) – Operation time

Hello, hope your week is going ok. Well, here’s part two of our IVF journey. I’ve decided to share our story and as it’s kind of complicated, it’s appearing on Lucky Things blog in a few posts. If you missed part one, you may want to read it first (just a quick click here).

Time to sort out the main issue…

Following on from the HSG test, we soon found out what was the problem. Me. Let’s just say that things wouldn’t be able to get where they needed to go to then try and become a little magical embryo. The consultants told me that I would need to have an operation to avoid having ectopic pregnancies. So we knew I would need to get “my body in shape” if we wanted to have a baby one day. Continue reading

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Seven things I loved about The Mama Squad Assemble…

_MG_6144I first came across Mama Squad on Instagram. It’s a community set up by the lovely Donna. It’s all about celebrating mamas and supporting each other. Donna organised The Mama Squad Assemble so ladies could hang out, enjoy some me-treat time, learn about stuff and go home with a bit of inspiration. Even better as Mama Squad Assemble featured a talk by Grace Timothy of Mum Face. Grace has worked in the beauty journalism business for over 10 years including a role as Contributing Beauty Editor at Glamour. Yep, she really does know her stuff when it comes to looking good and more importantly feeling good.

Taking an afternoon off as mummy can feel like a big thing. When you have time to yourself, you feel like doing something worthwhile. Want to hear more about what we got up to? Here’s seven things I loved about the Mama Squad Assemble… Continue reading

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Lucky Things Baby: Updating baby’s bedroom with Bambella Designs UK

Baby Munch is now over  a year old and I refuse to call her anything but a baby. Since she turned one, I’ve been meaning to redecorate or restyle her nursery (I guess I should be calling it her bedroom now). When we visited Australia last Christmas, I discovered lots of amazing baby brands over there.

Bambella Designs UK also originates from Australia. The founder, Jasmine Vanstone, was a social worker looking out for children before she decided to focus on designing and selling contemporary accessories for babies and small children. In Australia, Bambella Designs is known as one of the most fashionable brands for stroller accessories.

Baby Munch and I were recently sent some beautiful baby accessories from Bambella Designs UK to review. So this was a nice opportunity to update Baby Munch’s bedroom with a few touches. Continue reading

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Lucky Things Wellbeing: Why I love the seven steps in Hindu wedding vows 

Yesterday we celebrated the news of somebody’s engagement. It’s such an exciting time as you start to plan the rest of your life with someone who you really rate. Oh and you start to plan one of your best parties ever! Hearing us all share numerous wedding tips, it reminded me of our own wedding day(s). We were very lucky to have two weddings; the civil ceremony and the Hindu ceremony.

I grew up watching my cousins in Mauritius get married in their parents’ gardens. They looked like golden princesses. So that became a little dream for me and it was cool it came true. We decided to have a small Hindu ceremony in my Mum’s garden where we squeezed in a marquee (note: 60 people is really small for a Hindu wedding). Ok, it wasn’t in Mauritius but the weather North of London that day was incredible. Continue reading

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