Lucky Things Baby: Updating baby’s bedroom with Bambella Designs UK

Baby Munch is now over  a year old and I refuse to call her anything but a baby. Since she turned one, I’ve been meaning to redecorate or restyle her nursery (I guess I should be calling it her bedroom now). When we visited Australia last Christmas, I discovered lots of amazing baby brands over there.

Bambella Designs UK also originates from Australia. The founder, Jasmine Vanstone, was a social worker looking out for children before she decided to focus on designing and selling contemporary accessories for babies and small children. In Australia, Bambella Designs is known as one of the most fashionable brands for stroller accessories.

Baby Munch and I were recently sent some beautiful baby accessories from Bambella Designs UK to review. So this was a nice opportunity to update Baby Munch’s bedroom with a few touches. Continue reading

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