Lucky Things Inspire: Ursula, co-founder of Mum Days

It’s great hearing about new brands and more importantly the people behind them.It’s not just social media that helps to spread the word, good old  word-of-mouth works too. I first heard about Mumsdays through my work mate Laura. It’s great how we enjoy connecting each other with people and ideas. So I wanted to share more about the co-founder of this thoughtful online gift hub. It was lovely hearing from Ursula about going to gigs as a kid, looking after twins and our shared love of 80s classic disco tunes….


Hey Ursula, so tell us, what’s Mum Days all about? 

Mumdays is all about making mums feel special with quality me time. I sell experience gifts that are mum-approved. I combine the pampering with the practical so that mums can look forward to some decent time to themselves.

Our New Mum Indulgence package for example includes flowers, a massage, cleaning services and laundry services – so really helpful for a tired new mum and our packaging is luxurious. I really wanted to get away from the corporate feeling that many experience gifts provoke.


Do you remember the moment that inspired you to start something like this?

The twins were six months old when I came up with the idea and I was feeling completely frazzled. All I kept thinking was that I wanted a day off! After speaking to friends and other mums, I realised that the one thing all mums covet is more time – and to feel appreciated for all that they do. I thought that there must be something to be done about it.

That’s when I thought it would be a great business idea to offer mum-approved experience gifts which give mums time out, after all, mums want more me time and gift givers want to know they’re going to get it right. 

Our gifts are approved by our Mum Knows Best panel of influential mums like Zoe De Pass from Dress Like A Mum, Cash Carraway from The Comeback Mum, Radio presenter Charlie O’Brien, celebrity stylist Gemma Rose Breger, Instagram star Ashley Wilson from A Mother’s Edit and Stylist magazine’s Beauty Director, Samantha Silver.

That’s interesting to hear how your first six months as a mum inspired Mumdays. So what did your career adventures look like before you set up Mum Days? 

Prior to Mumdays I was editor of which is one of the UK’s leading online magazines for women. It was a great job, lots of fun and a totally different life to the one I have now. It was amazing being able to call in beauty products, meet celebrities and go on far flung press trips – my highlight was probably meeting Eva Mendes in Los Angeles. Before my journalist career I worked in public relations in-house at Liz Earle’s Naturally Active Skincare which gave me a great introduction to brand building and authenticity. I now work on Mumdays, vlog and work behind the scenes at Channel Mum which is the leading YouTube Network for mummy vloggers. It’s a really supportive community of women trying to survive motherhood with their sanity in tact.

It sounds like you’ve picked up some good skills for blogging and vlogging. What have blogging and vlogging taught you since you’ve got more involved in these?

Blogging and vlogging have been an incredible outlet in many ways. Particularly for me, when I found out I was pregnant with twins I was really quite scared about what the future would hold. I knew it would be an unrecognisable life to the one I was used to and it has taken time to adjust. Blogging and vlogging have been able to put me in touch with other twin mums and mums who understand the feelings and processes I’ve gone through and it is an amazing way to feel connected and supported.

Moving back to home life, who do you live with? 

I live with my French husband Seb and our twins Louis and Lenea. We have an honorary pet, Mr Squirrel who is always nibbling on the plants on our balcony!

That’s funny about Mr.Squirrel. My 3-year old Big Munch would love one of her own! Back to your gorgeous twins, what have they taught you about life so far? 

They have taught me to expect the unexpected and to embrace it. They’ve taught me that I’m stronger than I think and that happiness is in the little moments. Hearing them have a belly laugh when I tickle them or watching them discover a new toy or animal or experience together is just magic. Every day has something beautiful in it with children.
And do you remember what was your funniest moment as a child? 

My mum is a singer and she used to take me and my brother and sister along to gigs when there weren’t any babysitters available. We used to sit with our felt tips and colouring books and watch her and I always felt so proud that my mum was up there singing. I know I used to freestyle dance a lot at these gigs especially when she’d belt out ‘I Feel Good’ – I think that’s when I started making a habit of falling over on dance floors!

Brilliant, and what’s your funniest moment as an adult? 

I entered a talent show competition at my last workplace’s annual party and as it was a very international company we decided to enter as the Spice Girls to really represent Britain. It was such a blast learning the Wannabe routine and indulging my 10 year old girl fantasy of being a Spice Girl. I was Mel C – which is ironic now because I definitely don’t have any time for sport! It was hilarious going round as the Spice Girls – I’d do it every day if I could!

Sounds like you’ve come from a musical background. What’s your favourite motivational song that you enjoy listening to when things are a bit tough? 

I’m a sucker for an 80s classic. I love Automatic by The Pointer Sisters. It always perks me up.

What’s your magic motto when things get a bit tough (as we know life is full of ups and downs!) 

Usually I tell myself that all my problems are really nice problems to have.

Talking of celebs, if you’d like to send any celeb one of your Mum Days boxes – who would it be and why? 

Ah there are so many mummas who deserve a mumday. Celebs and non celebs! I have to say I have a sweet spot for author Giovanna Fletcher as she just seems like such a normal human being with a huge heart. She’s a completely devoted mama and the fact she does mumday vlogs means I hope she’d really get what mumdays is about. I’d also love to give mumdays to Fearne Cotton and Holly WilloughbyHolly Willoughby and my business crush Victoria Beckham (a Spice Girl of course!)

Running a business and looking after twins must keep you busy just like the ladies you just mentioned. Will you share your top tip for juggling work life and family life? 

Don’t sleep! I think the best tip I can offer is to make sure you make time for chats with friends, snuggles with your children and romance with your other half. Even if these things come in snippets here and there, it’s important to have them in your life at all.

Looking ahead, what’s the one thing you’d like to do in 2017?

Spend more time laughing!

And before we say bye, what are your three lucky things – basically things that make you smile or feel grateful (apart from your family, kids or partner of course)…

I have a lucky number. A lucky lipstick Frog Princess by Lipstick Queen and a lucky ring that I always wear on my thumb.


Check out Ursula’s gift ideas over on
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Don’t forget to explore her You Tube channel

Over to you….What did you enjoy about this interview with Ursula? What did you find a bit inspiring? What are your top tips for juggling work and home life? Who are some of your favourite celebs?  What tunes make you smile? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear what you think…

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