Style: Top tips for sale shopping 

It feels like the sales are on all year round these days. If you’ve seen my blog post on How To Add Wearability To Your Wardrobe, you’ll know I love sale shopping. Here are a few tips to help find gems for your wardrobe when you’re out and about the stores or mooching around online. 

  1. Figure out what you really need…It can be quite a mission if you’re heading to the stores to search for sale gems. Before you go, skim through your wardrobe and check what you really need to pick up. Things on my sale shopping list are some new flat ankle boots and maybe a jumpsuit.  I found my white snakeskin ankle boots in the M&S sale in the Summer. They’ve been amazing as you may have seen them feature a lot on Lucky Things blog’s corner of Instagram.
  2. Finding a treat for your wardrobe…OK so it’s not always about finding essentials in the sales. The spontaneity is fun too. You can even plan a bit for spotting your ad hoc finds in the sale. Is it going to be a pair of shoes, something sparkly, leopard print or something a certain colour. It is going to be for work or play? Having a rough idea helps you scan and spot fabrics and colours on those unorganised sale rails. I’m sure I’ll be excited to find something metallic gems in the sales. 
  3. Look at your year ahead and think about new outfits you or others might need…If you have any weddings or special occasions coming up, sales are a great time to pick up something special. I also love the trick of buying a birthday or New Years Eve outfit in the January sales earlier that year. Buying out of season means you’re more likely to avoid outfit duplication at parties. I always buy the girls’ party dresses in the sale. Also use the sales as a chance to stock up on children’s essentials like vests, socks and tights by buying the next size up. I’ll also be scanning the Mothercare site for the girls’ birthday and dressing up outfits. 
  4. Check your favourite brands online first…Even if you don’t have a clear idea about what you want then go online first. A little bit of research goes a long way. The online sales are fab. Think about whether you have enough budget to buy two sizes to try on. This always involves organisation and discipline to return unwanted sale purchases. 
  5. Invest in staple wardrobe items…Is it going to be something you can wear all year round like a top or a coat? I love buying my winter coats in the January sales. With our British weather I still get to wear chunkier coats until March/April. Classic colours like black and camel will never let you down. But now I’m on the lookout for a bright coloured coat. Think I’ve been inspired by Alison Perry from Not Another Mummy Blog’s colourful coat collection. Her everyday style tricks are the best. 
  6. How to wash?…When you spot something you find, always check the washing label. I’m not into dry cleaning that much now so make sure your new wardrobe gem works with your laundry lifestyle. If something is only hand wash does this work for you? To tumble dry or not to tumble dry?
  7. If it’s not quite right, don’t buy it…Sometimes we can be swayed by the price tag or amount of discount which justifies buying something that doesn’t quite fit properly or something with a little glitch that you feel you can fix or get away with.  That saving to justify the spending is not always a good approach. Try the Sunday Best test. Is it worthy of wearing when you want to look your 100% best? If you’re still not sure get a second opinion from someone who you trust. If you’re going to try things on at home to avoid dressing room queues keep all of your sale receipts in one place at home.

Over to you..Are you hitting the sales? Online or in-store? Are you on the lookout for anything particular? What annoys you about the sales? What are some of your favourite sale finds? Leave a comment below and share you sale shopping tips and tricks too…

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