Lucky Things Blogger: Finding sources of inspiration for your blog posts

Hey, I hope your week is going ok. Recently, some of my friends have been asking me how I find the time to write a blog?! I often explain that it doesn’t feel that time consuming as I love writing little blog posts. They can see that Lucky Things is my hobby, me-treat and little sanctuary.

I seem to have a growing list of new posts to capture on the blog. Maybe this is because the blog is less than a year old and so I still have heaps to write about. Maybe a bloggers writing block will hit me one day and I’ll be wondering how to get around it. In the meantime, there are lots of people, places or things that inspire my posts. Sometimes we need to remember that everyday things can offer lots of inspiration too. So I thought I’d share a few sources of inspiration here for anyone who likes to blog, write, be creative or just read blogs…

  1. You…Every blog or article already has a USP as it’s written by you! What’s going on in your life at the moment? Is it something you can write about? Is it something you’d like to share with others? I felt quite strongly about sharing a post on the baby blues. Anything you’ve organised recently where you can share top tips (and what not to do tips!) This can be from moving into a new home, organising a birthday party or working on your networking skills. People love reading about everyday stuff. As you dig deeper, you may end up inspiring yourself about what to write.
  2. Magazine love….To be honest I don’t read magazines as much as I’d like to and I tend to read the free ones. I often pick up the Evening Standard after work or get my hands on a copy of Stylist. I really missed Stylist during my maternity leaves. They don’t have to be the latest editions either. Something is bound to inspire me as I flick through; from a restaurant review to a new fashion trend. It might also be someone’s interview where they mention a normal lifestyle event that I can easily write about. I loved going to the library during my maternity leaves. Now it might be harder to arrange trips on my own. At libraries, you can flick through lots of magazines to get ideas (and for free). Browsing the titles of books in the lifestyle section can also inspire some handy posts. Bloggers are great researchers so think of opportunities to browse magazines whether it’s at home, at a friend’s house or in the dentist waiting room.
  3. What are your friends talking about?…What’s the last thing you and your friends were chatting about? This isn’t about writing posts that reveal things about other people’s lives. For me it’s about writing about what others might find helpful. When I first started my blog I used to wonder whether people would enjoy my posts. I used to think “why would people pay attention to something I have written for the blog”. That thought nearly stopped me from launching my blog!  The amazing thing is that people are naturally curious and so they will read, enjoy and comment on your posts. 
  4. Things in the past…Your blog posts don’t have to write about things that are going on in your life right now. Looking back at your experiences is a special source of inspiration. Sometimes I regret not starting my blog earlier when I was pregnant with my first baby but I won’t let this stop me from writing about stuff that has already happened. I find that as I write about past experiences, reminiscing brings out some great emotions in the post. I am a softie though and love being sentimental…
  5. Look around your home…I often come up with an idea for a post as I’m getting on with my mummy tasks, making a cup of tea or tidying up! Something might remind me of one of our holidays or out and about adventures. Pulling out a favourite item of clothing form the washing might trigger an idea. It’s funny as I never thought my daily routine would generate ideas for blog posts. If you have a memory like mine, jot them down before you forget.
  6. Think about what your followers might love to read about?…This can be a tricky one as we don’t always know our followers that well. But we may have a rough idea about their stages in life and their interests. With blogging you have to take a risk. You may write a post and it doesn’t get as much blog love as expected. Don’t worry as it doesn’t mean people won’t enjoy reading that post in the future. 
  7. What do you want to learn more about? I’ve often decide to write a post because I need to find out more about something. My post on Getting us all ready in the morning when going back to work was a huge help for me. It helped me to work out some organisation tactics so I could get the girls to nursery on time AND catch my train into work! What do you love reading about on blogs? Let other bloggers inspire you. It’s ok to write posts on similar topics that focus on your experience or perspective.

So, what you do enjoy reading about on this blog, on other blogs or in good old paper magazines? What topics would you like to see popping up on Lucky Things? I’d love to know what you’re interested in reading about on this blog. Any other tips for my blog post inspiration? Go on, share the blog love and leave a comment below (it doesn’t take long, promise).

Have a good week everyone. Sunita x

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26 thoughts on “Lucky Things Blogger: Finding sources of inspiration for your blog posts

  1. mummyhereandthere says:

    This is a really useful and informative post, amazing how much you start scanning naturally once getting into blogging mode. Amazing the random ideas that pop in my head that are great for content. Obviously now and again I get writers block but then reach out for external sources for inspiration, I find pinterest great for ideas or prompt to get your creative juices following X #kcacols

    • Sunita says:

      Ah yes Pinterest is a great place for inspiration. Right that will be my first place to look if bloggers block hits me one day!! Thanks so much #KCACOLS X Sunita

  2. Kimberly says:

    I love reading stuff that’s about every day routine and tips. Something that I might be able to borrow to make my life easier or inspire me! The smallest of things can make a change for the better xx

  3. James Hopes says:

    I can generally always think of things to write about – my big problem is finding a bit of free time to do it! Generally squeeze it in between other things but generally means I’m knackered when doing it! Great post though with top ideas. #KCACOLS

    • Sunita says:

      You’re so right James, there’s never enough time to write! Great you have lots of ideas. Cool you liked the post. As a newbie blogger I never thought I’d be sharing tips on creative blogging! Lovely to see everyone’s comment through #KCACOLS

    • Sunita says:

      Hey Tracey. Hope your writers or bloggers block doesn’t last too long. When it first hits me I’m sure I’ll find it really upsetting as I love writing!! #KCACOL

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