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How do you find the time to write blog posts? How do you manage to do a blog? Where do you write your blog posts? These are questions I’ve been asked a lot recently. A lot of bloggers are not full-time bloggers. We are still committed to our day jobs and careers. We’re still busy looking after our kids and families. We still manage to have some kind of social life (well, most of the time). It’s always hard finding time to blog. There are always lots of things on the everyday to-do lists.

So it’s also about thinking about WHERE to write blog posts. I talked about this at the Sorting Self event. Smartphones, iPads and lightweight laptops mean it’s very easy to blog from lots of different places. Sometimes it only takes a free ten minutes when you’re waiting around somewhere. So here are my ideas for 7 places to write blog posts when you have a bit of time to yourself.

  1. At the desk in your home…This sounds like an obvious one. But many people use the laptop or phones whilst sitting on the sofa. Try to avoid using your laptop in bed as it’s not great for your back. It’s also not good to be on the laptop around bedtime as your mind needs to switch off and get ready for sleep. So find a little desk space, even if it means a corner of the kitchen table.
  2. On your commute, bus or train journey…If you have a seat then you can start or even finish writing a little blog post. You can try writing a post on your phone if you’re standing on a train but it’s not worth falling over! For safety reasons, do not write blog posts whilst walking. Annoyingly our trains to work have been messed up recently. So there has been lots of waiting around for a train to arrive. For some of us, time on our own is precious so use your commuting time wisely.
  3. At the hairdressers…My NCT pal Kimberly has just launched her new blog Media Mummy and the other day she wrote a lovely post whilst at the hairdressers. Perfect time to get some stuff out on the blog especially if you’re having highlights. This was her me-time and so she decided to get a bit creative.
  4. Outdoors...If you have a garden and it’s not raining, try writing or blogging outside. I loved doing this during the Summer months. It’s good to get some fresh air and your surroundings may even inspire you a bit. The other day I sat on a park bench whilst waiting for a friend to pop into her workplace. I wrote down my list of blog post ideas for October.
  5. Waiting rooms…The wait at our local GP is always unpredictable. I’ve spent a long time hanging out in waiting rooms in hospitals or IVF clinics. If you’re on your own you can use even five minutes to jot down ideas for your blog.
  6. Restaurants and cafes…The other month my friend was stuck at work so I ended up writing part 1 of Our IVF Journey. The time flew by and next thing I knew it was time for a good natter over dinner. If I’m out and about on my own then I love popping into a cafe for half an hour and jotting down blog posts and ideas.
  7. Wherever you feel comfortable…I wouldn’t recommend blogging in the bathroom or in the bath! Keep that phone and laptop away from water please. The most important thing is to make sure you blog from a space when you have time to just focus on yourself. There’s not point blogging if you should be spending time with others or getting on with things that are more important.

Remember it’s really easy to schedule blog posts so don’t feel you have to publish them there and then.

So if you blog or like writing stuff, where do you prefer to get down your ideas or articles? What’s your top tip for being organised so you have some writing time to yourself? Share a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…x Sunita

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6 thoughts on “Lucky Things Blogger: 7 places to write blog posts

  1. bridiebythesea says:

    Love this post! I’m so nosy and always curious where people find their inspiration to sit and blog for a bit. For me, as I work Monday-Thursday and it’s a busy commute so not much chance to sit down and write (also my mind is so busy or tired with work stuff), I try and think of 3 ideas in the week on the commute and then jot them down in the notes on my phone. Then on Friday’s when I have a day off & my daughter is in nursery for the morning, I sit down and write them, usually in the living room. It’s early days but that seems to be working for now 🙂 xx #fortheloveofBLOG

    • Sunita says:

      Thanks Bridget, lovely to see you over on Lucky Things. Great you till manage to squeeze in some thinking time on your commute. Working our ideas is fun too. I’m forever jotting notes down on my iPhone. Should really exercise my memory more! Lovely you can write your posts every Friday morning. Maybe see you at BlogFest?? x Sunita #KCACOLS

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