Wellbeing: Seven things I love about phone calls with friends

Who did you last call? The other day I called a friend and she was really surprised to hear from me. Maybe because she lives around the corner, we message on WhatsApp during the week and even share train journeys into work. It didn’t matter. I just fancied a chat. Last Saturday I called my dearest cousin K. We had a good old chat. In our thirty-minute call, we covered so many areas of our life from career to house renovations to parents to our fabulous cousin day out in two weeks’ time and what are we going to wear?

Both calls made me realise how phone calls with friends are becoming more and more rare these days. It’s so easy to stay in touch online now. As well as WhatsApp, we’re following each other on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and even Twitter. There’s no need to ask what someone has been up to recently. We can see from their social media. At the Sorting Self talk on blogging, I also reminded everyone about the importance of having face-time and speaking to people rather than just focusing on social media.

Life is busy and with all of our responsibilities or commitments, we don’t always get to see our favourite people face-to-face lots. You’ll know from my other post how much I love friendships. In true who wants to be a millionaire style, there’s lots of good reasons to phone a friend or someone we care about. So, here’s seven things I love about phone and Skype calls with friends/family/pals/mates/partners in crime…

  1. It’s nice hearing someone’s voice…Whether you’re making the call or answering the call, it’s nice to hear someone’s voice. Funny as I don’t really like how my voice sounds. Luckily my friends and family seem OK with it. Maybe Mr.H feels differently as times when I chat on a bit too much! Lots of close ones live abroad so I love Skype calls where the girls can also show off their latest tricks. I love it how Baby Munch is starting to recognise her aunties’ voices over the phone!
  2. You can hear how someone really feels…When you call someone, you can hear if they’re feeling happy or sad, excited or disappointed. You can sense any dips in their voice or any hesitations. In a world of social media, phone calls are an important way of connecting. When we know our friends and family well, we can tell read them through their voice. When something major happens in my friends’ lives I always try to call them. Sometimes it’s just good to listen and especially if someone wants to download stuff or share something exciting. When sad things happen it’s hard knowing what to say but I think people appreciate the initial call.
  3. It’s becoming more of a nice gesture…People love hearing from their pals and loved ones. It makes people feel important and reminds them others are thinking about them. I call my Mum every few days (if not more). If I don’t speak to my Mum over the phone, I know she secretly misses me. We text in between calls and as Mum’s not on WhatsApp I also email over photos of me and the girls.
  4. If people are busy, you can just leave a nice voicemail…It doesn’t matter if you don’t end up speaking. Why not leave a nice or funny voicemail? I often leave messages for family or friends saying it’s Baby Munch or Big Munch who called them and can they ring mummy when they have a free mo.
  5. You can walk and talk…I loved chatting to my friends on my buggy walks during maternity leave. Baby Munch loved her buggy snoozes so it was a good opportunity for me to catch up with pals. Mr.H even bought me a bluetooth gadget that I wore on my ear. yes I felt a bit 90s with it on but hey, it was super convenient. I still make phone calls when I’m walking to the train station in the morning, especially if it’s using my Skype credit so I can call my close relatives abroad.
  6. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get to see friends all of the time...Me and my best pal live quite far away from each other. But we talk every week. Phone calls are an institution in our friendship. I love it that Ali always calls me in her lunch breaks or we catch each other in the evenings after bedtime. Sometimes I arrange call-dates with my friends and cousins. I even class phone calls with my favourite people as a me-treat. We schedule a time so I know we will get to speak without interruptions. It’s just like we’re hanging out in the same room. I love my friendly conference calls with my friend M when we’re both home with the kids on a Saturday night or my school friends when we need to chat about something important.
  7. You can share a good giggle (or cry)…Yes you can have a bit of a laugh over text messages or WhatsApp with some emojis but it’s not the same is it? I love it when we start giggling over a phone call. After all, laughter is contagious. There have been times when I’ve spoken to friends and we start getting emotional. This happened recently when I called a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time. It’s pretty touching but you can hear from our voices how much we’re supporting each other.

Do you have phone calls with loved ones much? Who did you last call? Who do you need to call to see how they are? What do you love about phone calls with friends and family? Any tips for making time for proper phone calls? Leave a comment below and share the phone-call love…

See you around Lucky Things blog soon x Sunita

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7 thoughts on “Wellbeing: Seven things I love about phone calls with friends

  1. Jane Taylor says:

    Loved this, Sunita. So true. I like to Skype my good friends too. That’s even better for sharing a giggle. Phone calls do mean more nowadays. The same goes for receiving a ‘real’ letter. #BloggerclubUK

  2. aliduke79hotmailcom says:

    I briefly called my friend the other night. Was only for about 10 minutes, but like you said it’s amazing how much you can talk in a small space of time. I like video calls as well, you can cook and chat while doing those too lol.

    • Sunita says:

      Hey Ali, lovely you had a cool call with your friend the other day. 10 minutes can feel like a long time these days as we’re all rushing about! Video calls are so much fun too #fortheloveofBLOG

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