Daddy Cool series – Interview with DJ Rod ‘Spin Doctor’ Gilmore


Anyone fancy a cup of hip hop? I’m sure there are lots of us who have a favourite hip hop tune, whether it’s a well known track from the charts or something from the 80s or 90s. You may have heard one of my favourite hip hop party tracks on my Celebrating #BML16 playlist. I’m definitely more of a 90s hip hop mummy. Big Munch makes me proud when she rocks her high tops. Me and Mr H came across the happy hip hop nights Doctor’s Orders years ago. We even made it to one on the weekend of our wedding. Doctor’s Orders was set up by Rod ‘Spin Doctor’ Gilmore. Here’s what he had to say about London, love and being a daddy to Lucky Things blog…

Where do you live and what are your 3 favourite things about your local area? I live with my fiancé (getting married in 2 days) and our 2 year old son Archie in Highbury in North London. My three favourite things about it are that I grew up round here so it really is home to me. I like the idea of my son growing up in the same area and us having that shared experience. Secondly we are really spoilt for parks which is great with a high energy little one. We can walk to Highbury Fields, Finsbury Park (or “Krapy Rubsnif” as us locals call it) or Clissold Park in minutes and there is also a really cool little nature reserve that is a secret gem. Lastly I love the journey we have gone through here in this flat. Through saving and my Mrs’s great vision we now have a beautiful flat that is a real family home.

What encouraged you to start your own business? What challenges did you have to overcome to get it going? I started The Doctor’s Orders eleven years ago as I was DJing at a bunch of parties for other people. I felt that a lot of these parties had something missing so I put my money where my mouth was and started throwing my own parties. When I started out I didn’t really know what I was doing so there was a lot of learning from mistakes. I had to learn to get the balance right between what I am passionate about and what is commercially viable as they don’t always match up. More recently the challenge has been to encourage new younger audiences while still looking after those who have grown up with us over the last decade.
What is the inspiration for your events? Talking specifically of FUN DMC,  the inspiration was the birth of my son. Quite quickly my priorities changed and the nights spent in nightclubs were less appealing (although it is still fun) and I wanted to put something together where us parents could get out, shake a leg, have a cheeky drink and party with the next generation. It just happened that me and Charlie Dark (a DJ pal) were thinking of the same thing at the same time so we decided to join forces and make FUN DMC. In just over 18 months we have had huge success with incredible parties and festival appearances so I guess we must be doing something right.

What advice do you have for parents and carers who want to encourage the little people to have fun with music and dancing? I think kids are a great leveller. We all would like to think of ourselves as being cool parents but when it’s all said and done that ain’t gonna last forever so the trick is to find stuff that you like and that gets a reaction from you kids. Let them lead you as they will be pretty clear about what they do and don’t like. You might be pleasantly surprised. Archie although only 2 years old has a penchant for ‘Hotline Bling’ as well as ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and some UK garage. Good ingredients for a party if you ask me!

What’s your motto when things get a bit tough?  I’m pretty stubborn so I try not to let things put me off when they get tough. You’ve got to remember that everything is temporary so not matter how grim things may be at the time all things will pass and you will come out the other side wiser and stronger if you see it through.

What’s your favourite childhood memory? I have the worst memory! I genuinely struggle to remember things that are not written down in front of me. I am the youngest of six kids so I have fond memories of us all hanging out and having fun together as a gang that took no prisoners.

What would your dream family weekend be? Any that involves a lot of sleep! We are heading off on honeymoon next week and that is gonna be pretty close. We are heading to a family spa hotel for a few days then to a log cabin in Wales that we have stayed in before which is really magical (when it’s not raining).

What tunes are you listening to at the moment? I find I listen to older music the older I get but I have really broad tastes from Hip-Hop (of course) to classic rock and from disco to jungle. I obviously try and keep on top of new music but the thing that got me most excited recently was a little gospel disco track from the mid 70s that I had never heard. Within the hour I had been online and bought the album, the 12″ and the 45″ singles.

What are your three lucky things? I am most grateful for my health. Yeah I’m a little overweight and with a dodgy back but over the years I have experienced death and real illness in those close to me and it changed my outlook on life. That said I am also really grateful for cheese! I’m an aquatarian (fish eating veggie) and my Mrs is an incredible cook (check her out at but I am yet to find anything that does not taste better with cheese. Lastly I have to say I am grateful for love. May sound odd but right now we live in changing times with a lot of divisions in society at home and around the world so we have to stay together and remember the love can conquer all. Keep your friends and family close and show them you love them. Keep a smile ready for strangers and hopefully we can help each other through.

If you fancy having family-friendly afternoon hip hop style, sign up to free tickets for the next Fun DMC event here (known as the daytime block party for kids and parents plus they have colouring in tables). Next event is on Sunday 24 July, Richmix, Shoreditch, London.
Check out the Doctor’s Orders website for the latest grown-up hip hop events.
Doctors Orders
I hope you’ve enjoyed the first interview in the Daddy Cool series. If you’re feeling the beats, leave a comment below about what you think or your favourite hip hop tune (especially one that gets you dancing whether it’s the club or the kitchen!)
Catch up again soon Lucky Things crew.
(Photo and logo published on this post with permission from Rod ‘Spin Doctor’ Gilmore).
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8 thoughts on “Daddy Cool series – Interview with DJ Rod ‘Spin Doctor’ Gilmore

    • Sunita says:

      Hey Sarah. Yep Rod “Spin Doctor” Gilmore is one of the best DJs I’ve ever heard because he knows how to play tunes that make everyone dance! So cool #fundmcuk will appear on the stuff to do with kids board. If you have Mixcloud check out his mixes. Glad you liked the Daddy Cool interview. It’s nice to celebrates all the great things Daddies are doing too. So what’s your favourite hip hop tune? Two of mine are Electric Relaxation by Tribe Called Quest and The World is Yours by Nas. Xx Sunita.

      • mummuddlingthrough says:

        In all honesty Sunita I’m more of an Indie Kid! BUT I love all music…from Arctic Monkeys to Elton John, One Direction to Calvin Harris, The Carpenters to Kanye West. I’m a total sucker for a rock ballad too ha ha! If there is a chance to experience a music experience with the kids, that sounds right up my street.

        • Sunita says:

          Indie kids rule too. I was one back in the 90s. Then my Brother found out and started send me his hip hop and funk mixtapes to covert me. I’ll always love my indie days with my school crew too. Love a good rock ballad. I was also a huge Bon Jovi fan (it’s all coming out now!!). My musical hero will always be Prince though.
          Yep the kids would have fun at FUN DMC. They even get to dress up and go on stage! It’s a proper family affair. Maybe get to meet up there one day! I just hope my daughter doesn’t expect to hear Frozen xx

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