Lucky Things Wellbeing: Confidence tips from a 3 year old

Hi. I’m Big Munch. You’ve  probably seen a few pics of me and my baby Sis dotted around Lucky Things Instagram. Every now and then I get a shout-out in mummy’s posts on grown-up stuff. I heard about mummy’s post about confidence energisers and I thought I should share my thoughts about feeling confident. You’re probably thinking what can I tell you about confidence? You’ve only been around for 3 years. Well, I’ve just approached the end of toddlerdom so I reckon I know quite a lot.

As a 3 year old, I’m developing at a rapid pace (well I think I am). Over the past 3 years, I’ve collected some nuggets of wisdom especially when it comes to behaviour and misbehaviour. Most importantly I’m learning about my feelings. It’s all about feeling good about myself and my little milestones. Feelings are funny things aren’t they? I’ve learned loads from being a toddler. Grown-ups can learn a lot from us too. So here’s my 7 top tips about feeling confident…

1. Keep doing your own thing, regardless of what people think…Toddlers love doing their own thing. We are determined and not much can get in our way, including mummy and daddy recommending we don’t do X or Y or our little brothers or sisters trying to interfere. It’s super cool when we’re encouraged to explore and get on with our mini-missions. When we get an idea into our heads we’re convinced we CAN achieve it. There’s no stopping us!

My top tips: If there’s something you’d really love to do, go for it (however big or small). Don’t think about why you CAN’T do something. There’s no harm in trying and you always learn lots along the way.

2. Use your instincts to make quick and small decisions…Life is busy for toddlers. Our days go by really quickly and we have a lot of things of our to do list like eat, play, make mess, practice new skills, chat to our mates, sing and make some more mess. So we don’t dwindle around as we have to make quick decisions. Sometimes we make the wrong decision but we learn lots from our mistakes and that’s cool too.

My top tips: Listen to your instincts, feel confident about the choices you make and don’t worry if you don’t get things right first time.

3. Move on quickly…Toddlers are SO good at this. We get on with life and if something upsets or frustrates us, we soon move on to the next thing. Yes we will cry and make a lot of noise if we’ve found something a bit tricky. Give us some time and space and it’s soon forgotten. Mummy loves how we are so forgiving as little ones. She reckons grown-ups could learn a lot from this.

My top tips: Don’t hang onto the bad moments for too long. Otherwise they can stop you from spending your time on much nicer things.

4. Switch on a smile…Toddlers have their outbursts but then in a flash we’re smiling again. We don’t like to dwell on things too much as we know it’s cute to smile and people love seeing us happy! Grown-ups say life can be too short, well my days are too short to focus on the rubbish stuff for too long.

My top tips: Once you’ve had your little outburst (or a secret quieter one), smile and move onto something positive.

Big Munch loves switching to smiles…

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want…Us kiddies don’t think twice about asking for what we want in life. I want that toy now, I need a snack, I want to wear my Christmas-themed onesie in the middle of Summer and you ain’t stopping me…

My top tips: If there’s something you feel passionate about, don’t be afraid to ask for it. If you don’t ask, you’ll never find out what you missed out on!

6. Know your strengths….Us toddlers love trying out new things. We love mastering particular skills or talents. On the other hand, we get frustrated when we can’t do something as good as we’d hoped!

My top tips: Don’t let any mini-struggles or setbacks affect your confidence. You can’t be good at everything and you don’t need to be. If you want, focus on the things you are really good at doing.

7. When you need a bit of a steer, find someone you trust…I know there are times when I’m feeling a little unsure. We all have those moments right? After all, we’re only little and big human beings. It’s ok to feel a little unsure about things. That’s when I love going to Mummy and Daddy for a little reassurance.

My top tips: If you can’t coach yourself through something, then find someone you know who will offer some good advice without any judgement.

Ok folks, that’s all from me (for now). I’m sure loads of toddlers and three year olds can offer other top tips. Have you any to share? Grown up ideas are welcome too! Go on, leave a comment (it’s my first post and you know some blog love will make me and Mummy smile).

x Big Munch (proud 3 year old, hot pink addict, outspoken big Sister and serious Hello Kitty fan)

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    • Sunita says:

      Thanks Louise. Yes us toddlers and kiddies can conquer the world!! There’s no stopping us ;). So lovely you enjoyed my first blog post. When I grow up I want to be a blogger! Love Big Munch x

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