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Welcome to Lucky Things blog. So this blog is all about exploring lucky things as we enjoy life and style with our little people. It’s here to share ideas, inspiring stories, places and things we love.

Exploring lucky things…

Expect an eclectic mix of lucky things on this blog featuring interviews, music, food, places to check out and generally cute things. The blog isn’t just about being a parent or what our children are getting up to but also captures interesting and creative things around us. You’ll also spot the ‘7 Things’ posts where I tell you about my round-up of 7 top tips or favourite products. Why seven, it’s lucky of course…

Enjoy life…

Being a parent or a carer is about being a real mix of things. Who you were before kids, who you are now and who you want to be as an individual as well as a family. It’s also about how we deal with the challenges, how we work with them and what we learn for next time. Life isn’t straightforward. To enjoy life you also need to get through the tough bits. So this blog will also be talking about important life events and hopes to share ideas and practical tips on (hopefully) making things feel a little easier.

Enjoy style…

Just because we’re now parents doesn’t mean we suddenly stop enjoying certain things, whether it’s music, art, adventures, what makes us happy in how we look or what makes our home reflect a bit of us. Style can mean all kinds of things. Lucky Things blog is excited about sharing cute things that make us smile.

With our little people…

Lucky Things is about sharing the things you love enjoying with the little people. It’s not about having to suddenly focus your life on the usual kiddy activities. It’s about sharing each other’s worlds whether that means taking the little ones to see your favourite artist or going along to a museum which is equally as fun for the grown-ups! It’s about soaking up fun, culture and inspiring things that both the grown-ups and little ones can enjoy.

IMG_8446More posts are on their way very soon so don’t forget to leave a comment and SIGN UP to receive a quick email about new posts. If you’re curious about this Lucky Things blogger, have a peek at More About Me.

Enjoy Lucky Things…

Sunita x



Unless credited, all images on the posts are my own photos. Thanks to my numerous cameras for helping me to capture lucky things along the way.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Lucky Things

  1. Manni says:

    Loving your blog, amazes me how you find the time and energy with being a mum, wife and career lady and all. Plus you find and go to the coolest places/things, can I come and join you on some of your adventures?

    Keep up the good work, you’re an inspiration to us all (especially me, who currently is in dyer need of a good kick up the backside)

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