Thank you November, hello December

Crikey December, where have you appeared from? I knew you were on your way soon a couple of months back as reindeers and chocolate selection boxes started appearing in the shops. Oh and thanks November, you’ve been good to me. I guess for a number of reasons. So here’s my round-up of looking back and looking forward…

Thank you November

1. Career adventures…I’ve worked in HR in the City for just over 15 years. The big thing for November was leaving my job in the corporate world and saying bye to an incredible team. That place and part of London became a big part of my career. That team has seen me go through two IVF processes and heaps more stuff. They were incredibly supportive when I told them about the family stuff going on and about Mr H’s illness and recovery this year. I loved that in my leaving speech they mentioned my style (bright dresses!) and local street art knowledge. They know me very well.

2. Inspiration and super-organisation….November has also been about embracing change. Have you seen the new Lucky Things brand over on my Instagram? Finally got it out! Now onto my next career adventure – Collective Insight which provides sound HR and people development expertise for businesses and individuals. Starting your own thing is very hard work. There’s no doubt about that but you have to give these things a go right? I’m excited about the opportunities to use the last 15 years experience and shape it into something that helps others with their goals. Perfect timing as I won a one-to-one social media session with Hayley from Southwood Stores. I learned so much about me, what I have to offer and what to do next. Totally energised for the next phase so thanks Hayley. That lady has serious business skills. 

3. Seeing people in real life…I obviously love social media (especially Instagram) and I’m able to connect with so many lovely people. But something I personally need is to be around people and catch up with them in person. It’s good for my wellbeing. November has been fab for getting out and about. Whether it’s the Mothers Meeting gatherings in town or Mama Meets at Rosie Loves Alfie in Stratford East Village. #Blogfest16 was cool as I got to see many ladies who I hadn’t seen for a while. I also encouraged a few friends to join me for a day of inspiration. They loved it too. One of my favourite things was seeing Davina McCall winging it on stage. 

3. Getting ready for the next phase…I went along to the Supercharged Club workshop a few weeks ago. It’s was a chance to unwind and just think about me. Emma and Mary are fab are encouraging you to be your best self. 

They keep you realistic too. It’s not about re-inventing yourself but working with what’s you. I know I need to exercise more. It will also involve hard work so here we go. Toddler Munch is getting heavier and I need to look out for my back more. Time to show a bit of love for the core muscles. We also heard from Nat Style Me Sunday on how to wear the right colours (warm or cool ones). She also taught us a little peek trick when we’re trying on clothes so we focus on the best bits of the outfit – see below pic.

It’s lovely encouraging others to feel confident about their own style.

Hello December…

1. Family time…This weekend we kick off our Christmas celebrations. Our girls get to hang out with their cousins which is wonderful. My niece and nephew have given me something so important – they’ve taught me a lot and I’m so lucky to be their Aunty (especially years ago when we didn’t think we’d have kids of our own). I can’t wait to give my niece her dungaree dress. Packed mine too so we can work some style twinning over the weekend.

2. Joining forces…Over the past year my Instagram community has introduced me to lots of talented people. We all have our own talents and luckily I’ve been able to meet lots of them in real life. I describe them as a team that’s forever expanding. I’m so excited about the different collaborations and projects we’re working on for 2017 (you know who you are – many of whom I had calls or meetings with this week). So there’s lots of organising to do in December. In-between the busy working days I get to see some of my lovely friends in mid-December. The next date for the Lucky Things Meet Up is now out which is a great feeling. Knowing I get to see everyone at the end of January for some decent chat and quality laughs is a good feeling. Thanks to everyone for their support with Lucky Things blog, the Lucky Things Meet Up and my other plans.

3. A month of reflection…As we approach the end of 2016 I know it will be a pretty emotional one. Lots has happened this year. Ups and downs. Opportunities and a few setbacks. But as one of my closest friends said to me the other day, 2017 is going to be our year. I’m a sentimental person and I’m forever thinking where I was and where we were this time last year. It reminds me that we’ve come along way. When mental health illnesses hit your family hard and change your lifestyle, some sadly don’t expect you to get through it. We did. Maybe some even want you to fail. Anyway, failing isn’t always a bad thing. Everyone fails at some point. It’s just life. I hope our experiences continue to make us stronger as a little family. We’ve learned so much along the way. It’s given us an energy to manage any difficulties. Our girls continue to be happy little things. So looking forward to what December brings. I’m going to enjoy each day as next thing I’ll know it will be January…

The next Lucky Things Meet Up is on Saturday 28 January. It’s going to be a lovely afternoon getting the ladies together. Plus we have Dr Tamara Russell talking about mindfulness and how it can help us in our busy lives. Check out the Eventbrite link for more info.

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