Lucky Things Wellbeing: Why seeing friends after a long time is a lovely thing

If you’ve seen my post on 7 things I love about friendships, you’ll know how much I value what my old and new pals have done for me over the years. I also talked about how you don’t have to see your friends that often for you to maintain great friendships. There’s another level to this; when you don’t physically see your friends for years. Friendships can come and go. Sometimes different circumstances mean you don’t get to see each other much or you may even lose touch (with no ill-feelings at all, it’s just the way life is). 

One thing I know is that I’ve been fortunate that friends from years ago have appeared back into my life. Funny how they have also made a comeback at the right time.

I remember bumping into one of my closest uni friends on Tottenham Court Road a few years ago. I probably hadn’t seen her for years as she ended up moving abroad. We would keep in touch over Facebook every now and then. There she stood, with this guy with a big smile. He turned out to be her fiance. There and then they invited Mr H and me to their wedding.

Can you imagine if I’d been a few minutes later coming out of the tube, I would have missed her. It was a real honour to be at their wedding. We had always been close, from uni society debates to clubbing adventures to somehow winging it into the MOBOs. There were lots of good times to remember. She has always inspired me with her enthusiasm for embracing change.

The last time I saw another friend was at our wedding. She moved to Switzerland and we never made it out there. We lost touch for a while. I loved that she got in touch via Linked In (resourceful!). She’s now moved back to London and happens to be 15 minutes away. The other evening we shared tears over the phone as I brought her up to speed on our IVF journey and some tough times earlier this year. When my friends share their tears with me it’s one of the most comforting things ever.

The other Sunday we hung out and so did our kids (Big Munch was so excited about meeting her new friends). My pal and me now get to share motherhood as well as our reunited friendship. We studied together after uni and I always loved her drive and entrepreneurial nature. She probably doesn’t realise how much I admired her for this.

My third friend story it about someone from uni too! We met at SOAS in London and realised we had three big things in common; our Mauritian heritage, we grew up in the same county and we both loved our hip hop! For years we would meet up every Thursday and head to her boyfriend’s hip hop night in Kings Cross. This friendship played a major part in my own youth culture. Over the years, Facebook was our main connector as she travelled all over the world. The other day we met up for brunch as we now only live a few train stops away from each other.

With all of these three friendships I’ve realised how our little histories together have formed a strong base. Sometimes you don’t get to see people as often as you’d like. But whenever you do get together, it’s like you’ve never been apart. That’s one of the coolest things I love about friendships.

Remember friends may physically (or emotionally) move away but it doesn’t mean your friendship disappears. As life is so busy the years can fly by. So, if there’s a friend you haven’t seen for weeks, months or years why don’t you drop them a quick message or give them a call? I’m sure they’d love hearing from you…

Catch up again soon Lucky Things crew

X Sunita



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