Lucky Things London: The Haberdashery, Crouch End 

Hello, how are you doing? What a great sunny day to catch up with an old friend over brunch. We managed to enjoy our meet up before the monsoon appeared! This morning we were on the lookout for somewhere to eat (carbs, protein and avocado please) and somewhere we could enjoy the summery breeze. Being inside wasn’t going to cut it. After thinking of two places we then headed to my friend’s first recommendation The Haberdashery.  This cool cafe is based on Middle Lane in Crouch End. There are so many places to eat Crouch End way but this place is now appearing in my top five.

You enter the cafe and can’t help noticing the little trinkets and cute decorations. They also display some great artwork. The main room is pretty spacious (so loads of room for buggies). There’s an old school sweet window by the till counter where you have to crouch down and have a quick browse. I loved their fresh fruit display too. Nice how it sits next to the muffin bar and big pretty cakes so there are healthy alternatives. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be going for that shiny fresh green apple when they have elderflower and strawberry muffins…

We were going to sit out at front on the pavement to make the most of the nice weather. Little did we know they have a back garden so we had the luxury of having it to ourselves for a little while. Perfect for two girls (well we’re grown up girls now) who have known each other since 18 and have lots to catch up on. That’s the thing about London life, you don’t always get to see your friends lots but when you do it’s all about quality catch up time.

This place is great for Summer as they have the back of the cafe which opens onto the little garden. You can also rent out the space for weddings, hen do’s and birthdays (and any other nice celebrations of course!) I could see how this space would work well for special events. A great place to hang out with friends and family, big people and the little people. Lots of space inside too for highchairs and remote working.

So let’s talk food. I definitely needed one of their hearty breakfasts. Great minds think alike. Both of us couldn’t decide between the French Toast with side order of bacon and the Eggs Benedict with extra avocado. So we shared both! Greg at The Haberdashery knew we were going to share meals so he kindly split the portions for us (equally so there wasn’t any food envy). Now that’s 5 star service for you.

The fresh juices were also a winner. I went for The Who Needs Yoga? special (carrot, apple and ginger) and my pal went for The Colonial (apple, cucumber, lime and mint). The service was top notch and they also brought out extra bottles of water. It was too hot to try out their coffee but my pal rounded off our visit with an elderflower soda jug. Everything’s pretty cute at this place when it comes to decor and atmosphere. You’ll notice the shot glass. No it’s not a shot of dark rum but a dose of maple syrup for our French toast. Promise.  Check out their menu here.

The Haberdashery Crouch End, 22 Middle Lane, London N8 8PL

The Haberdashery Stoke Newington, 170 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7JL

Enjoy Lucky Things…

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One thought on “Lucky Things London: The Haberdashery, Crouch End 

  1. Manni says:

    My cousin gave me a book on “Walks around London” – Crouch End is in there, definitely going to visit this little gem and add it to the route 😉

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