Lucky Things has won a Sunshine Blogger Award…

There’s a lot of love going around the blogging community. Everyone has been busy awarding each other for a Sunshine Blogger Award. I was given this award by my good friend and NCT pal Kimberly who is also now a blogger – check out her adventures and funny posts over at Media Mummy. The Sunshine Blogger Award is a fun way to find out more about us bloggers as we have to answer 11 questions set by the other blogger. As my lovely workmate R said to me the other week “I love it when we find out more about Sunita on the blog”. So here we go…

If someone gave you £100 right now, what would you spend it on? Crikey, there are so many things on my wish list at the moment; some are essentials, others are 100% me-treats. £100 is loads of money!!! Thinking of me, it would have to be a new camera lens (as I keep borrowing Kimberly’s). I’ve also had my eye on the silver metallic shirt by Alexa at M&S. I rarely buy things at full price. This blouse would be a keeper and has serious style wearability so I’ve asked my Mum to get it for my Christmas present (hoping she will let me wear it earlier!)

Starter and main, or main and dessert? If you know me well, I usually go for all three. I’m kind and always up for sharing a starter and a dessert.  Blame my mum, she also has a big sweet tooth.

img_7182What’s the happiest moment you’ve had in the last 6 months?
Being out and about with my husband and our girls for the first time in ages. It sounds like a simple thing but this has been huge for us. The past twelve months have been pretty tough. My husband was really poorly last Summer and at the start of 2016. He’s now doing good. It’s great to have him back; he’s my soul mate as well as the best daddy in the world. He’s 100% behind Lucky Things and encouraged me to set it up in the first place. We can’t expect things with his health and our life to always be smooth but the bumps have made us stronger as a family. Our girls have dealt with it all incredibly well.

Where are you sitting writing this? On the sofa sharing a blanket with my three-year old Big Munch. She’s “in the matrix” busy watching a Pixar film whilst her toddler Sis is napping.

Describe your perfect Sunday.
Hanging out with Mr H and the girls. We don’t make many plans on a Sunday. We’re old school and like simple Sundays! At some point there will probably be a lounge disco where mummy and daddy will play some tunes on the decks so the girls can jump around their cheap disco light. Oh and a Sunday involving lots of nice food and good music.

img_2688-1Which animals would you choose to be stuck in a cage at London Zoo with and why?
Yikes I’m not that animal-friendly (although I do wear lots of leopard print). Maybe the leopard as she would appreciate my sense of style. It would be an opportunity to wear my leopard print blouse, leopard print blazer, my new leopard F&F print coat, leopard print scarf, leopard print shoes and leopard print bag all in one outfit.

Favourite TV programme at the moment? I honestly don’t watch much TV. The evenings, when the girls are in bed, are my blogging time. I watched The Get Down on Netflix the other month though. It featured lots of things I love – disco, hip hop, DJing, youth culture, dance moves, breakdancing, street art, courage and New York.

img_7718How much sleep did you get last night?
Luckily a fair bit as I’m fighting my first big Autumnal cold. Say about eight hours with one wake up where I had to negotiate with Big Munch that she did not really want to come into our bed as hers is much nicer. She finally lied back down so I could tuck her in (result). I’ve realised my negotiation skills at 3am are pretty damn good.

Tell us your normal weekday morning routine getting everyone up and out. Get myself dressed and showered first. Then get Toddler Munch dressed as she will wear what I tell her. Then we get Big Munch ready as she may change her mind about her nursery or stay at home outfit. The girls play in the bathroom whilst I do my make up. I never leave the house without my blusher! My morning beauty make up routine is only a few minutes long. When I went back to work after maternity leave I was so worried about getting us all ready in the morning I had to write a blog post about it.

What’s the most annoying toy in your house and why?
A wooden jigsaw puzzle where the animals makes noises when you put in the right bit of the puzzle. It’s bizarrely light sensitive. So if the animal shapes aren’t in the right places when it becomes dark they start making loud noises. Definitely a toy to be kept downstairs. Thank goodness Toddler Munch has nailed this jigsaw.

Who inspires you and why?
 The people around me on an everyday level. Mr.H (not just because of the past year). My two girls inspire me as they weren’t really supposed to be here. We were told there would be a 10% chance of our natural IVF working. Whether it’s my friends, family, work mates or my amazing Instagram-blogger crew, I love seeing lots of people do creative things as I also know how hard they work. People in the fashion and music industry who I used to work with 15-20 years ago have gone onto incredible things (because of their hard work and perseverance). I know a lot of my peers are talented in their professional careers. My sis-in-law G is a big inspiration. She’s a fighter and I’ve learned a lot from her mama ways. I’m so glad the girls have her as an Aunty.I’m also inspired by the outfits my friends wear! I love finding clothes that have lots of wearability.

So now it’s my turn to award others the Sunshine Blogger Award where they have to answer the below questions…check out their blogs when you get a chance.

Emily from

Talya from

Sarah from

Maria from

Emma from

Helen from

Louise from

Have fun answering your questions…

  1. What are your 3 favourite things about blogging?
  2. What’s one thing that you’ve found in your handbag that made you giggle or smile?
  3. What song do you listen to when you want to feel good about yourself?
  4. What have you spotted in the shops (or online) that you’d love to buy for yourself? (I’m giving you a subtle opportunity to hint for Christmas gifts)
  5. What motto keeps you going when things are up and down?
  6. If you could interview any celebrity for your blog, who would it be and why?
  7. What is one of the most recent compliments you received?
  8. How would you spend a dream weekend on your own?
  9. What’s your favourite memory of being a kid?
  10. What’s your trick when you need to feel a bit more confident about something?
  11. What are three things that you feel grateful for in life or make you happy (AKA your lucky things)?

Looking forward to seeing their responses soon….Hop to see you around Lucky Things again x Sunita

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6 thoughts on “Lucky Things has won a Sunshine Blogger Award…

  1. iamzoewatson says:

    I love these types of loving awards! It not only is great to know that someone out there is reading, but spreading the love to others really is what makes the blogging world go around! #MarvMondays

  2. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) says:

    Thank you so much for tagging me in this and looking forward to joining in. Really enjoyed finding out a little more about you through your answers – simple Sundays are lovely aren’t they and I love your happiest moment. So glad that your hubby is feeling better now and hope that your cold gets better soon as well.

  3. My Petit Canard says:

    Great blogger award and tag! I definitely need to have a go at this one 🙂 I can totally relate to the older one changing their mind about clothes (so difficult!) and your jigsaw puzzle sounds hilarious! I wouldnt want to be hearing that at night time downstairs 😉 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays, always love knowing a bit more about bloggers whos blogs I love. Emily

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