Lucky Things Baby: Meet the MAM Max the Frog Teether

Teething can be a right pain. There are lots of ways to help soothe your baby’s little gums and growing teeth. At times your baby might need to have a good old chew on something. Baby Munch has surprisingly got most of her teeth now. The canines are currently kicking in, so no wonder she’s been restless at night recently. We love MAM products in this house. After all, the MAM bottle was the only bottle Baby Munch would drink from. Lifesaver, especially as I was due to go back to work. But MAM don’t just do amazing baby bottles, they also do a range of helpful things. Baby Munch loves her MAM toothbrush as she feels very grown up brushing her teeth with all of us.

MaxFrogunopenedMAM recently sent me one of their new teethers to try out – Max the Frog. As Baby Munch is moving closer to the end of her teething stage, we thought Max needed a proper home.  We asked our four-month old pal Little P to review it for us. We wanted Little P to be able to enjoy a new teething companion who could hopefully be there for her on that long dribbly teething journey. So, over to Little P’s mummy Kimberly who kindly reviewed this MAM treat…






Little P is 4 months and the dribbling and gnawing at everything in sight has commenced…

As a fan of MAM products with both mine taking well to their bottles, I was given the chance (well, P was) to review teething toy Max the Frog.

7 cool things about him:

1) He’s called Max. Awesome name. And he’s got a crew called Bob and Lucy in the same range. Love a toy with a personality!

2) The feel. Made of super silky and squidgy natural rubber, it’s a pleasure to handle and perfect to chew. Also partly hollow for gumming pleasure.MaxFrog4

3) The shape. Perfectly grabbable with a circular handle that teeny hands can hold.

4) Pop-up eyes. Very cute and great for nibbling – at only 4 months (the youngest age recommended), little P manages to hold the circular bottom and get Max’s nobbly eyes in and out of her mouth for a bit of gum relief.

5) Different textures. There are 3 different types of bump and nobble on the toy for maximum sensory enjoyment.MaxFrog3

6) Colour – a bright and unisex green with high contrast white blobs on the back that little P has clocked and likes to bash.

7) A friendly face. I can tell Max the frog’s happy smile will be well chewed for many months to come!

The only other thing I’d have liked it to have is something to loop it onto the buggy, car seat or playmat as little P keeps dropping it and can’t find it again.

A dribbly 4 out of 5 from us.


So what has your baby found helpful when teething? What are your tricks for soothing their little gums? What do you think of MAM products if you’ve used them? Leave a little comment below and share the blog love…

This is a collaborative post with MAM Baby. MAM provided us with a complimentary Max the Frog Teether to review for Lucky Things Blog. All opinions expressed belong to the guest writer for Lucky Things Blog.

Photos featured in this post were provided by the guest writer and published with permission.



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6 thoughts on “Lucky Things Baby: Meet the MAM Max the Frog Teether

  1. Sunita says:

    Thanks Kitty! Great to hear what you think. Glad you liked the post.The MAM teethers are fab. I hope your nephew likes his little gift from Aunty K. We loved using teething powders too. x Sunita

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