7 reasons why it feels like Autumn is here already


We actually had heat waves in August. Funny how we call them heat waves when the weather should really be like that in August. Usually it might rain for Notting Hill Carnival and the Bank Holiday. Last weekend wasn’t too bad. Well, hey September you’re here already. Why is that on Thursday 1 September, the weather suddenly changed in London? Is there a seasonal clock that switches on as soon as we hit September? Only a few days into September, here’s 7 reasons why it feels like Autumn already…

  1. Big Munch and me venture out for a mummy-first daughter day out to Willows Activity Farm and I’m wondering if we’re both going to be too cold with bare legs even though my iPhone said it’s supposed to be 21 degrees today. At the last minute before heading out I grabbed our anoraks just in case it was a bit nippy. Better make sure the new Bambella pram blanket is now tucked away in the buggy for Baby Munch. I have a feeling morning walks to nursery are going to start feeling a bit fresh._MG_6115
  2. The evenings are getting darker a bit earlier on. I’ve noticed that around the girls’ bedtime at 7pm the sky isn’t as bright. Oh well, Big Munch will be happy as she will soon get to see the moon more. She’s missed her crescent pal.  I will really miss the lighter evenings although at times they’ve been a pain when the girls have taken ages to get to bed!
  3. I’m starting to think about whether I need to pack away the Summer shoes and in particular my trusty Saltwaters. I’ve been in trainers and pumps for the past few days when I’ve been at home with the girls. If only I could get away with wearing my Saltwalter sandals with socks and tights like Big Munch. Do I need to start getting the tights out again? Do I need to start reorganising my wardrobe and pulling out my Autumn essentials?
  4. I’m thinking of Autumn home-made meals (time to plan a new meal list for the family). Mr.H and me have been enjoying our light summery dinners with the girls. The fish for the grown-ups has been spiced up with  jerk-seasoning accompanied by salads and veggies. Grilled fish will soon be transformed into fish pie for the cooler months. Today I saw a post from the InstaMum @aMothersStyle  where she mentioned making shepherds pie due to the change in weather. Man, that’s one of my all-time favourite cosy meals for Autumn and Winter.
  5. Everyone is spotting leaves on the ground. Always a sign Autumn is soon approaching. The other day on the way to nursery Big Munch was asking me where her pink flowers were. I realised that so many of her favourite flowery spots had disappeared. Instead, leaves are starting to decorate the pavements. It’s time to start teaching her about the change in seasons again. More and more pics of rusty amber coloured leaves (and conkers) are appearing on the Instagram feeds!  
  6. September has only kicked in and there has already been the odd mention of Christmas. The department stores like Liberty in London are starting to promote their Christmas rooms. Fair enough it was mid-October. I have started to think about some little plans for making Diwali fun for Big Munch and her baby Sis this year. Why why why does August fly by so quickly? September, please go by slowly. Now my pals and I are starting to make plans for October. I know once we hit October, the Christmas vibes will be warming up! 
  7. Umbrella time…I know this Summer has been pretty patchy and lots of us have been caught out! I know we live in England, but it always feels weird carrying around an umbrella in the Summer months. But now it’s September, you officially need to pack that brolly. Luckily for Big Munch, she now has her first umbrella. This is very exciting for her. It’s hot pink of course! I promised Big Munch that if it rains tomorrow, I’ll take her out for a walk just so she can use it. Just checked the weather report and it says it’s supposed to be Summer again next week. Better pack the anorak or brollies anyway…

Do you feel like Autumn is approaching now?  What things remind you of Autumn? What will you miss about Summer?  What are you doing to hold onto that Summer vibe? What are you excited about for Autumn? Leave a little comment below and share the blog seasonal love…

Catch up again soon, (a not sure what to wear tomorrow) Sunita

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3 thoughts on “7 reasons why it feels like Autumn is here already

  1. erinconefrey says:

    Christmas seems to get mentioned earlier and earlier every year doesn’t it? I am looking forward to more walks outside this fall, as I live in Virginia and summer is HOT! 🙂 -Erin at stayathomeyogi.com

    • Sunita says:

      Thanks for taking a look at my Autumnal post. Ironically this week has been summery in London. We even got the paddling pools out for the girls today! Enjoy your Autumn walks Erin.

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